9 reasons why to Date a person who loves to travel

Travel Lover

While looking for someone to date, generally we look person who must be intelligent, honest, good looking, love you a lot and funnier. These are the few points that everyone has on their list. But have you ever tried to date a person who loves to travel? Do you know the reason why to date a person who loves to travel? Yes, from now this should also be in your checklist while dating the person. There are lots of good reasons to date a travel lover.

There are a number of good qualities in travel lovers people who force you to date them.



Travelling makes a person more confident. They are not afraid of experiences a lot of new people, culture and places. These new and different experiences make them confident.

2Smart and well spoken

Smart and well spoken

Travelling makes the person more smart. From travelling you learn many things like cultures, their behavior, how to talk with people, how to behave in different societies. So, these simple things make travelers more smart. They will always surprise you with their intense knowledge. They will also know about making new friends.

3Never bore you

Never bore you

He will be passionate in love and life. Living life like a normal man is not their style. They want to make everyday worth living, for their partner as well as for themselves. Travelers are thrilling people. They love to try new things and want you to go on adventures with them. They will take you for the ride of your lifetime. Whether that ride works out or not, but you will definitely appreciate the memories.

4An adventurous life

adventurous life

Your life becomes an adventure with them. Every moment you will spend together will make you feel alive. He will pull you out of your comfort zone and make you see the never ending possibilities life has to present. They will take you to a place in life you will never desire to return from.



You will never have a lack of surprises with them. Whether it is a unexpected restaurant date, or a abrupt trek in the Himalayas, they will always keep you on your toes, ready for a whole lot of fun and action every time.

6Real life pleasure

Real life pleasure

They are not going to give you expensive watches and classy phones on your birthday, because actually they would not care about materialistic pleasure. They will gift you the real life experience like the moment of happiness when you see the sun turning the mountains into gold, that instant when he lay down with you on the beach in silence. The moments that stay with you forever.

7Real Happiness

Real Happiness

Travel lover will be the wiser, and most caring and thoughtful person you will ever date. They never chase materialistic success, instead, They will be chasing the real happiness and satisfaction. They will make you aspire and dream big.



Travelers are very much independent in nature. They make their own decisions and do not feel the need to rely or dependent on others. Such strong persons are not just great to be around, they are also great to be with.

9Easily adjustable

Easily adjustable

A traveler actually knows how to survive. He is not the typical person who takes an hour to fasten just their hair before they step out. A traveler is easily adjustable to anywhere and everywhere and make the best use of what they have with them.

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By: Shaveta Kandhari