Find a Workout for Stronger Triceps

Workout for Stronger Triceps

The triceps brachii, what we commonly refer to as the triceps are a very important muscle group of the arms. The term triceps translate to three headed muscle in Latin, from which and where, this English word traces its origin. It is a muscle of considerable size, and is exactly located at the back of the upper limb. The extension of the elbow joint, thus the subsequent straightening of the arms, is among one of the more important functions of this muscle group.

The triceps are an essential aspect of the training regime of body builders, or even common people in general, for that matter, who desire to have hefty arms. It may be the muscles of the shoulders and the biceps which provide most of the strength of your arms. The triceps muscles on the other hand, apart from providing vital support and movement to the elbow joint, they also enhance the appearance of the arms, in terms of bulk and tone. Read ahead, and for your benefit, find a workout for stronger triceps.

In this publication, we present a concise description of the seated overhead triceps extension. This particular exercise may be done in the standing position as well. As could be it be done using a dumbbell, in which case, the workout would have a unilateral effect on the intended muscles of the body. A regular reader, if you are one, may recall the benefits that these unilateral exercises have on the muscle development procedure of the body.

Yet in the case of the overhead extension of the triceps, the barbell, which would work both arms out simultaneously, unless you are captain America, or any of the Avengers, and may choose to rock the barbell with one hand only. The barbell nonetheless brings in an element of resistance, to the motion of the arms, while performing the exercise. Hence the effect of the exercising is more certain. In comparison, the dumbbell may induce slight lateral movements, or inclination of the arms, due to the absence of the inherent resistance factor in the motions of the exercise, which thins out, of sorts, the benefits which are intended for the performance of the exercise.

Procedure for Seated Overhead Triceps Extension

  • The exercise bench and the barbell is all you need. The seated position would enhance the effects of the exercise, as well as prevent the lower back from experiencing,any additional, unintentional strain. You may however choose to use the EZ rod, instead of the barbell, in case you are having problems gripping the latter.
  • Seat yourself at the exercise bench, preferably in front of a mirror, as you may want to closely observe the contractions of the muscles. Make sure your back is straight. During the first week, while been at the exercise, you may want to avoid any additional weights to the rod. The barbell, and even the EZ rod for that matter, may weigh close to 30 to 40 ponds. Rest assure that just the rods, zig zag, or straight, by themselves would test the utmost of your capacities.
  • Hold the rod firmly, with or without the weights, according to the option you might have chosen. Make sure that your knuckles are facing up, like in the case of a reverse barbell curl. While in the case of the orthodox barbell curl, the knuckles are facing down.
  • Raise you hands up. This outstretched position of the arms is the initial position of the exercise. The straining motion of the exercise is performed while you are lifting the weights against the force of gravity. While during performing the relaxing motion, you move the weights down, aided by gravity. The initial relatively relaxing motion brings about the hyper extension of the intended muscle, while the latter, straining motion brings about the necessary contraction.
  • It is a general norm that is followed, that you breathe in while performing the initial motion of any exercise and breathe out, while performing the final, or completing motion. You may want to ensure the complete contraction of the muscles, in order to experience optimal benefits.
  • Carry out the number of repetitions that you are supposed to, or could possibly manage. Increase the weights for the subsequent sets. Peace out. Work in.

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