Happy propose day – Propose your love on propose day

propose day

Some love birds are busy in celebrating their valentine day and some are finding their valentine. This valentine day, you can try and hope for a better time to propose to your loved one. The valentine day has already worked their charm and your partner is still not getting any surprise from their favorite one. This moment will make them happy, if you pop the question. We bring to you seven most romantic and ingenious tips to propose your love on propose day (February 8) and make your valentine the most special and memorable.

valentine day Ways to Propose Your Loved One

1Decorate the rose plants with proposal ring

Decorate the rose plants

I know to propose someone is not that an easy task. The best way to propose by giving your loved one a surprise. Take a rose and remove all the thorns from rose plants and hang the ring on it. Make sure, hang the ring where your love can easily spot it. Now let this way of decorating rose plants with hanging ring be a surprise. Blindfold your love and take her to the plants. Ask them to find something special on the rose plant.

2Let the fairy lights propose your love

Let the fairy lights propose your love

Arrange the lights on a wall and spell those fairy lights with ‘Will you marry me” on the wall. Make sure, arrange the light at some height from where your special one can easily see. Let these fairy lights speak for you to your love.

3Love on the dance floor

Love on the dance floor

Take your partner to a party, and make sure you have the DJ on your side. Ask her for a dance and lead her to the middle of the dance floor. Indicate the DJ to play her favorite track, get down on your knees and propose your love.

4Sweet proposal cake

Sweet proposal cake

A cake with a proposal message on it is superb idea of proposing. Order a special cake with a proposal message like ‘will you marry me’, ‘be my valentine’. This will definitely make her compel to say sweet yes.

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5An evening out

An evening out

Plan a romantic dinner at your partner’s favorite restaurant. Though the oldest trick in the book, but works nonetheless. Slip a ring in the champagne glass and propose.

6Customized gift

Customized gift

Use of customize gifts like coffee mug, T-shirts, pillows, bed-sheet having a proposal message on it. This is the best way to propose, instead of buying a some other gift for your partner. You can make a photo album or collage to propose your love.

7Design a web page

Design a web page

Design a web page is a new and unique method that is quite according to the new technology driven world. Design a web page, which includes photographs of yours and your special one, a poem that you have dedicated to her, the image of a place you want to or have gone together to, the surprises and gifts you share and lots more. Create an online memorable pages, which will remind your love of all the amazing things you have done together and the moments which shows that why your love is the most “Special” among all. Send the link of the page once it is ready and wait for positive reply.

These are all the amazing tips to propose your love in a perfect way. Make sure that the idea that you are planning to propose your special one should be perfect from start to end.

By: Shaveta Kandhari