5 Top Tips to Demystify Dating

Demystify Dating

Often, whenever you hear the word “Dating,” you will get some weird picture of one teenage boy and one female sitting together and discussing over tea or coffee inside a cafe coffee day!!

But that is not the end of this short and sweet word!! There are many things that needs to be demystified. So have a look at the tips to demystifying your dating trip!

1. Don’t Guzzle With Your Cellphone

Don’t guzzle with your CellphoneThe reason for this is for delivering betters ideas and communicating in a better manner. But this tip deserves your attention as well. Your relationship with your partner will only improve when you detach with your device at most of the times of your day.

It may be annoying to you for not able to use your cell phone. But if you consider your relationship seriously, then you must switch off your phone while you are on a date.

While you are not on your phone, you might get some faster service in the restaurants!!

2. Keep the Pressure Off You!

It is always recommended that you keep the communication lines open so that you have all your boundaries set without compromising your ethics & thoughts. You still need to be caring and sensible along with being honest as well. But that is not necessarily at the cost of your intimacy.

Additionally, if you enjoyed your first date, then you can tell them about that – I really enjoyed the coffee date with you. Would you like it next week? But if it didn’t go according to your expectations, then be specific about the same as well.

3. Be Clear!

If you start your conversations with the statement like – I have enjoyed with you as a friend. I would love to know you better. Would you like to go for lunch next week? Or whenever you would like?

If you as a responses feel that you are not clear with him/her, then you should be bold enough to state the fact to the questioner. You can straightforward say NO to the person or decline politely.

The advantage of being clear is that you and the person would remain clear about each other. This also would lessen the stress, worries, and doubts that happens in a generic relationship.

The goal of this first date is to know each other in a better manner and see if you both agree on further dates or not!

4. Be Real

Emotions always get in the way!!

You might really like someone else and think that they are more knowledgeable than the person nearby you. So if you are doing so, let that person nearby you know so that he remains out of the insecurity and fear along with the all the doubts that he bears in his mind.

To avoid this situation, don’t let your mind wander for all the thoughts over and above. Rather, you should always follow the reality of the scenario. Furthermore, don’t add more pressure to the situation by acting what you are not.

This is the basic rule while you are dating somebody. You should not pretend. This is because you are already under so much pressure for the relationship and then if you start pretending, it won’t last long.

5. You Don’t Know Everything.

When you are on a date, make sure that you are communicating with the person sitting. This will make the communication better and would make your life stress free and happier. The problem that arises here is that both the persons stop by introducing themselves.

But communicating here is more than the introduction. The idea of communication here is to know each other better. So make sure that you communicate with each and get to know better of each other.

So have a look at the tips above so that you can follow these on your first date!

This Article Guest Post by Freya Lowe, Founding Editor at CouponsMonk.com