9 Important Things You Should Never Do To Your Face

Things You Should Never Do To Your Face

Your face is the first thing which gets noticed when you step outside. It is the thing which is an important part of your body and taking extra care of it is highly essential. As it is an essential part which people recognizes about you at the first, you should always take special care of your face. While there are many more things you should use to brighten your face up, there are also things you should never do to your face. These things not only will damage the skin on your face, but you will also end up losing natural glow from your face.
Experts always recommend that you should take proper medical advice if you are having any problems with your face instead of trying various creams as well as face washes. We have brought you a list of things you should never put on your face and which can prove harmful to your face and can damage it permanently.

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Things You Should Never Do To Your Face


Shampoos are specifically made by the manufacturers to cleanse your hair to remove dirt as well as unwanted oils from your hair. While the hair shampoos have some stronger and rough ingredients to clean up your hair, the skin of your may not survive against these contents. According to the experts, your face needs some milder ingredients for cleansing and therefore it is important that you use only certified products recommended by the experts instead of using shampoos to clean your face.
Apart from this, the molecular formula used in shampoos are way different than what is required by your face skin. Hence, if you use shampoos for a long time on your face, it might end up becoming very dry. Additionally, you should always take care that while washing your hair with shampoo, it should not come in contact with your face as it will create more problems for you.

2Hair Color

Something which contains chemicals in high quantities should never touch your facial skin. Hair colors are the products which are high in added chemicals as well as color and you should never put in your face, according to the experts. It could prove fatal for your facial skin as it might affect your skin permanently. Experts also suggest that using natural dyes for your hair might be great idea as hair colors with too much chemicals are also harmful for your hair. To save yourself from this, using vegetable dye is the great option according to the experts.

3Hair Spray

Even though many people says that hair sprays actually helps in keeping your makeup set, you should never believe in these myths. Hair sprays can dehydrate your skin, according to the experts, as it contains alcohol as well as various lacquers in high amount. It also triggers aging and your face might end up looking too old than it actually is. Your facial skin can also suffer with inflammation as well as redness caused due to irritation triggered by repellents present in these sprays.

4Body lotion

At first it might look that body lotions are also made to put on your face as well, but certainly, that is not true. Our body has different types of skin on each part of the body and therefore we need to take care of each part independently. Experts says, that body lotions are not only thicker and can prove harmful for your soft facial skin, but these lotions can also cause inflammation as well as oily facial skin. Considering the delicate texture of the facial skin, it is important that you use mild creams on your face.

5Foot Creams

Although not many people do it, you should remember that foot creams are also not good for your face. The texture of these creams are very thick, sticky and rich in chemicals and certainly not made for your facial skin. Apart from that the main work of these creams are to pull out impurities from your thick foot skin and acts brutally on facial skin if applied. This can damage your facial skin, according to the experts.


As mentioned earlier, too much chemicals will only harm your facial skin. Deodorants are not only high in chemicals, but it also contains added fragrances, which are equally harmful for your skin if applied. Apart from that facial skin requires breathing to stay fresh, deodorizers exactly do the opposite and your facial skin will only die if it stop breathing. Hence, keeping deodorants away from your facial skin is advised.


It is certainly true that mayonnaise is great for your hair and provides much needed nutrition. However, this is not true with the facial skin. You should never use mayonnaise on your face due to its acidic nature. Mayonnaise also blocks the pores on our facial skin and stop the breathing process of your skin, which can lead to aging and dryness. Your facial skin will also lose its moisture if you are using mayonnaise at regular basis.


Although there is a view that vinegar helps your facial skin to glow, it should be noted that applying vinegar on your face can harm your skin as well. Vinegar has a property of losing its water as it ages. And vinegar becomes extremely concentrated once it loses all of its water. This concentrated vinegar will not only burn your delicate facial skin but also will leave many marks on it which are highly difficult to remove. Vinegar on your facial skin is a strict no, even though you can use it elsewhere on your body.

9Vegetable Shortening

This process has offers various benefits if applied on your skin, except facial skin. It is one of the best solution for psoriasis, although it can act opposite on your facial skin. It will not only block pores on your skin, but it will also lead to various breakouts. It is advised that you should not use this method on your skin, according to the experts.
This are the few things you should never put on your face and should save your soft, delicate facial skin to maintain its natural glow and brightness.

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By Prajakt K