The stages of migraine defined

stages of migraine

Migraine is a common headache, only much more intense. This recurring headache could be from mild to severe, and continue for a prolonged period.

Characteristically, one half of the head is affected with a pulsating sensation, that may gets worse with time. Accompanying symptoms include giddiness, digestive convulsions, and weakened sensory capacity. The pain worsens with physical strain. In certain cases, the patient might experience visual disturbances, prior to the onset of the headache.

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Stages of Migraine – Health Care



A few days before the onset of migraine, you might experience certain signs that should be enough to warn you of an oncoming attack. These symptoms may include, stiffness of the neck, unnatural cravings, constipation, sudden burst of euphoria for no apparent reasons, drowsiness and thirst.



Aura is the term given to visual disruptions, such as sudden appearance of flashes of light, and meandering or broken up patterns in front of your eyes, that are caused by specific nervous disorder. The appearance of aura is a pretty definite symptom for the coming of migraine in the days to come, and the disturbances may persist even during the headache period.

In severe cases, due to drastic weakening of certain muscles in the body, there might be sensory, motor and verbal disturbances experiences as well.

The patient might get the sensation of been touched by nothingness. Moreover there might be difficulty in making bodily movements and in speech, all because of exhaustion.

The Aura generally develops gradually and may last, for up to an hour, at its peak.

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A full throttle migraine assault may last for up to three days continuously. If untreated the pain might spread over the entire cranium, with an aggravated elevation of the throbbing sensation.

Nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, may even lead to the eventual loss of conscience.



Proceeding the assault period, the aftermath may go on for an entire day. Feeling of exhaustion and weakness may be the common norm. Yet in the case of certain seasoned campaigners, there might be a feeling of exhaustion, as the miseries of the assault period slowly wears away.

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