The Barbell Squat

barbell squat

The squat is considered to be a full body exercise that is a vital component in your fitness and strength training schedule.

Yet the primary muscles that get worked upon by this exercise are the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calf. They not only add volume to all your leg muscles, but also can work wonders for your core body strength.

The barbell squat is a variation of the normal squat, wherein a barbell with weights, is placed on the shoulders, more specifically the traps, while performing the exercise.

Find below the procedure for the barbell squat.


1. If you’re working out facility has got the stand for a barbell, then you could directly place the barbell on your shoulders. Otherwise, you would have to be very careful while positioning the barbell on your traps.

2. In case the stand is not there, then you may lift the barbell, straight up over your head, and then place it down on your shoulders slowly.

3. Once you are comfortable in the position with your grip, then you proceed with the squat.

4. Bend your knees completely, to its maximum contracted position, and hold the position for a moment, before returning to your initial position.

5. Similarly perform the scheduled number of repetitions. Increase weight on the barbell for the subsequent sets.

6. Maintain caution while removing the barbell, as you may end up straining, or tearing some other body part during the process.

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