Take Adequate Sleep To Cure Obesity: Study

adequate sleep to cure obesity

Obesity has become most common problems all over the globe and researchers are finding ways to cure the problem as well as the important reasons behind causing it. Although they have become quite successful in finding reasons behind causing obesity, various new researchers open the gate for various probabilities on how the disease develops in the human body.

According to the experts, main reasons behind obesity are uncontrolled food habits, the absence of exercise as well many bad habits such as smoking and sedentary lifestyle. However, according to the new study, it has been found that obesity also occurs due to not taking adequate amount of sleep required by the body for proper development.

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The researchers at the King’s College in London has found that people who do not take required amount of sleep, receives around extra 385 Kcal the next day, through which they can suffer from obesity. The researchers also said that in times of chronic sleep disorder has become a common phenomenon across the globe, reduced sleep is one of the major health risks.

According to the findings, in the people who gets too little sleep, the hormones in the body gets affected and people starts eating more, which leads to uncontrollable food habits and thus obesity.

Researchers said that reduced sleep also affects the circadian rhythm of the body, which is more familiarly known as internal body clock. Due to this, the body starts to regulate more leptin, a satiety hormone, as well as ghrelin, a hunger hormone.

Take care of their sleepThe lead author of the study, Haya Al Khatib from the institute explained that their findings highlighted that people should also take care of their sleep, along with diet and exercise, if they want themselves to keep away from obesity.

Their study also noticed that reduced sleep results into consuming increased energy of up to 385 Kcal each day. Another researcher Gerda Pot from the institute said that as regular sleep deprivation results in more consumption of energy, then it can easily lead to having weight gain and can turn into obesity.

In the study, which has been published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers also showed the eating habits of the people who takes reduced sleep regularly. In their diet, they found small increment in fat-rich food and low amount of protein-rich food. However, the intake carbohydrate food items were the same.

After the thorough study and analysis of 11 studies as well as examinations of the total of 172 participants, the researchers said that although the main reason behind obesity is the imbalance between the consumption of calories as well as expenditure, the study has given enough findings, which proves that the sleep deprivation can also be one of the factors behind this imbalance.

Hence, it proves that what are ancestors was saying about sleep and its benefits has some reality in it and you should always take care of your sleep to keep yourself away from diabetes.

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(Source: TED-Ed)

By Prajakt K.