Tai Chi benefits For Arthritis

Tai Chi benefits

Arthritis can be called a disease related to the joints. People of all ages, race and gender may be prone to this disease. We can say that more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children are victims of this disease in the United States. However, it is most common among women and may occur mostly when you get older. Making time for physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight may lessen the severity of arthritis. There are Tai Chi benefits of arthritis that will be discussed.

How is Tai Chi useful for arthritis

Tai Chi for arthritisTai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise. It involves a series of movements that are performed in a slow motion. There are different styles in Tai Chi. However, some styles come to your rescue to help health conditions. Tai Chi in general puts minimum stress on muscles and joints. So it may be suitable for arthritis that might be followed by pains in the joints.

In particular, people with arthritis require suitable exercise to improve muscle strength, flexibility and fitness. When muscle strength increases, it supports joints and reduces pain. Tai Chi may also be good for living longer too. It also improves the posture.

Tai Chi and how it is beneficial for arthritis

  • Tai Chi beneficial for arthritisImproves flexibility : Any exercise can help you relieve from joint pains. Tai Chi can also improve flexibility that reduces stiffness of the joints so that the joints can move freely. Flexibility may also reduce pain. Tai Chi may be called helpful because it might move all joints and muscle throughout the body. So it may help you to stretch your body even more.
  • Improves muscular strength : It can also improve muscle strength. Muscle strength might keep the joints stable by supporting the joints.This may also reduce pain.
  • Improves fitness : Tai Chi also strengthens the heart and lungs and increase their stamina. Arthritis joints need a good blood circulation that Tai Chi can offer.

Why Tai Chi is for Every One

Tai Chi exercise includes these parts

Tai Chi exerciseWarm-up : You may do easy motions such as shoulder circles, turning the head from side to side. Or you may rock the head back and forth. This may help your body to loosen muscle joints.

Practice of Tai Chi : Tai Chi is of two different types. Short forms may include sets of movements where as long forms include dozen movements. A short form with slower movement is required at the beginning. This may be applicable to someone who is older or not in good condition.

Benefits from Taichi for better health

What does Tai Chi do

Tai Chi movements are of natural names like wind rolls with lotus leaves, brush dust against wind, or white crane spreads wings. People bend their knees during these exercises. This may increase flexibility. Different exercises focus on different parts of the body. ‘Wave hands like clouds’ may focus on hands. The hands here seem to drift like clouds in air. The hands move, the rest of the body is in a continuous slow motion. This may also increase flexibility in the waist and side muscles. So various Tai Chi exercises can help with various parts of the body.

Yoga Benefits for Arthritis

As per studies

  • Those adults who took part in Tai Chi were able to perform daily activities better.
  • Some got less pain in the leg.
  • Some had stronger abdominal muscle after a Tai Chi class.
  • Another study shows that the pain due to rheumatoid arthritis lessened.
  • It significantly improved the range of motion.

The above are Tai Chi benefits for arthritis. You may have more health benefits of Tai Chi. So make it a point to learn and practice the ancient exercise that has been known for centuries of its innumerable benefits of health.

Pradeepa Polineni