Symptoms of asthma in children

Symptoms of asthma

Asthma is increasing day-by-day among children. People of any age may suffer from asthma. Generally, the symptoms of asthma in children may appear at the age of 5. Exposed to more dust particles, allergic substances and air pollutant are the few triggers of asthma in children’s. Due to the poor diet and a weak immune system, the child may suffer from asthma. There are greater chances of children catching the asthma, if their parents have it. So, there are multiple reasons of causing asthma in children’s.

Childhood Asthma Symptoms

What are the symptoms of asthma in children? Is it different from adult? Symptoms of child asthma vary among different children.


Coughing can occur, when they play, laugh, cry or while sleeping. It mostly occurs at midnight and do not let the child sleep for long hours.

Chronic cough

A chronic cough is usually defined as a cough and that lasts for 8 weeks or longer and irritates the child.

Less energy during play

The child may have feelings of low energy while doing any work like playing. While playing he may have a problem in taking a normal breath.

Rapid breathing

While normal walking, using stairs, playing, talking, child may have problem of rapid breathing.

Chest tightness or chest pain

Due to the tough breathing, children may suffer from chest pain and may get a chest infection.

Whistling sound

You may feel a whistling sound known as wheezing, when your child breathes.

Motion of chest

When you feel  fast  motion in the chest from labored breathing. These motions are called retractions.

Shortness of breath, loss of breath

Child may feel tough to breathe or may loss of breath.

Frequent diarrhea or constipation

Child may frequently suffer from constipation or diarrhea, and stop eating food regularly.

Extreme likes and dislikes for certain foods

Child may starts liking or disliking some food items. Sometimes they may not able to eat certain foods (chilled food).

Excessive vomiting

In asthma, your child may not able to digest food properly, due to this child may suffer from frequent vomiting problem.

Weight loss

In asthma, due to the symptoms of diarrhea, weakness and vomiting, your child may lose the weight.

Behavior change

Frequent laziness and irritable attitude towards everything. This can be very easily diagnosed as a lack of enthusiasm. This is unnoticed symptom, because of the fact, that these days the kids are perpetually bored of almost everything all the time.

Low interest

Low interestChild may start losing interest and concentration in work.

Daytime sleeping

Due to the frequent problem of coughing at night, the child is not able to sleep properly. This is the main reason of day time sleeping.

Frequent cold and flu

Frequent cold and fluChild may have symptoms of frequent cold and flu, due to allergic substances or air pollutants.

By: Shaveta Kandhari