Steps to Decision Making and Happiness

Decision Making and Happiness

Some people are known to be perfectionists, while others choose to be somehow satisfied. You may have a long list of criteria, or you may just go for the first option available, when it comes to decision making.

Perfection no doubt demands for prestige, yet those satisfied tend to be among the happier people. Science has somehow proved that as well. Regret is a constant accomplice of perfection, for there are bound to be failures in plenty. Moreover, with perfection comes a sense of comparison, which is sure to have an adverse effect on a person. Jealousy would only lead to misery.

The two sections of society, if we may categorize them as. Perfectionists and Satisfiers. This abyss in happiness between these two fractions raises the question if perfectionists could settle for things ordinary. Would the world not be a happier place. The answer perhaps lies in our sense and approach towards decision making. Read on about these steps to decision making and happiness. We have documented for your premium reading pleasures, these steps to decision making and happiness.

Choices and The Secret to Happiness

1Practicing Pragmatism

Practicing Pragmatism

It may be wise at times in realizing that the seat of the best may be so far fetched that it invites ridicule. The doctrines of Plato seldom apply in the times we live. The best car in the market is often owned by no individual. Instead of forcing upon the impossible, one may as well approach life with a set of practical criteria. Good enough is simply great at its best.

2The Sense of Satisfaction

The Sense of Satisfaction

We all one day realize our limits at the perimeters of the spectrum. All we can perhaps achieve is just a mere part of the continuum. We might have achieved similar glories or defeats before, we may do them away. The pursuit of an idea may chug along like a train. It is up to the pursuer to realize the worth of the pursuit, and pull the chain if need be. It is all about your sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

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3The Scale of Reference

The Scale of Reference

Comparisons are bound to bring misery. One may say that the strongest rises from the adversities while the weak only gets crushed. Yet the fact remains that the week one day shall get stronger, and the strong shall be overcome by fatigue. Certain decisions are best pursued without the constrains of the scales of references.



If you often blame yourself for bad choices made in life, then you might as well start taking decision making as an assignment. Be it buying your next phone, or talking to someone. Dwell on the time of the action, the content. Do research, innovate. That is the way of life.

5Respect Time

Respect Time

Time is all we have in our hands, what we had at dawn, that we spent until dusk, that we shall have the next day, until we are no more. The idea of time must be respected. That’s what is available must be utilized, not misspent or abused.

By Abhro