Some Convincing Nutrition Facts Of Oranges

Nutrition Facts Of Oranges

Oranges – at this word you start smacking your lips for the tastiness of the citrus fruit as it is juicy as well as sweet and slightly adds to being sour. It is usually grown in the sub-tropical regions of the earth. These fruits are usually grow in Spain, Italy, India, Japan, China, Portugal an Africa. The rest of the world dearly imports the fruit in the seasons it is produced. It has names like mandarin, tangerine and tangelo. The other fruit of its family are lemon, sweet lime, ‘Pomelo’, Calamondin’, kumquat. I interestingly want to get into its scientific name too that is ‘Citrus Sinensis’. I must say you will be amazed to know the different nutrition facts of oranges.

I have to mention that everyone irrespective of ages enjoy this juicy fruit including me. I keep waiting to gorge on this fruit that is grown in India itselfbut sorry it is available only seasonally. I rush to the nearest fruit market to partake of the sweetness of this fruit. You may now be looking for an orange to gulp down! Do not wait, just go to your fridge to enjoy the juiciness. I shall eat some today too before the season ends as daily for its capacity to eliminate toxins and make your skin glow. You do not only have to eat, but you can squeeze for yourself and your family a fresh glass of orange juice.

Oranges are also produced artificially in odd seasons, but eating oranges cultivated naturally can be free of any chemicals and pesticides. So it may be advisable to choose naturally cultivated oranges.

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Nutrition Facts Of Oranges

1Nutritional information

Nutritional information

Orange is no doubt of high nutritional value and you can catch hold of their benefits and also enjoy the oranges. A medium sized orange contains 61.57 calories. Most of any orange contains 87 % of of water.

A medium sized orange may contain

  • 1.2 g protein
  • 15.4 g carbs
  • 0.2 g fat
  • 3.1 g fiber
  • 12.2 g sugar

A small orange may contain 45.12 calories and

  • 0.9 g protein
  • 11.3 g carbs
  • 0.1 g fat
  • 2.3 g fiber
  • 9 g sugar

A big orange may contain 86.48 calories and

  • 1.7 g protein
  • 21.6 g carbs
  • 0.2 g fat
  • 4.4 g fiber
  • 17.2 g sugar


Whenever you are tired, you may feel like consuming something that makes you spring back to energy. Oranges are also low in calories and fat, so they make the best choice as fat and high calorie foods are a cause of concern to us today.

Choosing to eat oranges may be of immense pleasure and you may consume less number of calories when compared to high carb foods like cheese and butter. The sugar in oranges is a good sugar that goes into the blood stream slowly and so does not cause the sugar levels to rise. So it is safe to eat oranges any time of the day. They give you energy as well as maintain a balance in the blood sugar levels.

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FiberDo you know you must take a considerable amount fiber also. Fruits and vegetables give you the necessary fiber that you need for digestion and eliminating any excess fat out of the body. The fiber content has been mentioned above. One large orange contains about 18% of the dietary fiber that your body may need. It is known for its fiber content all over the world which is not an unknown fact.

They very well cleanse the digestive system and are good for eliminating any toxins or fat from the digestive tract for their fiber content. They are also believed to feed the bacteria in the intestines and help them to survive. Fiber in the fruit can aid in weight loss and maintaining cholesterol levels. So they are good for digestive health and overall well-being.

Vitamins and minerals

Oranges are a good source of vitamin -C, folate, thiamin, and potassium. Vitamin -C in oranges is known to prevent colds, it may delay any sickness, and also help you to absorb iron well into the body. A large orange can provide you with 100 % of vitamin-C.

Oranges also contain thiamin, which is useful for breaking down carbohydrate into simple compounds in the body. Foods low in thiamine cause vitamin B1 deficiency so oranges may be a good choice. Thiamin are known to boost immunity, and good for heart and diabetic health.

Oranges are loaded with folic acid that is necessary for absorbing nutrients into the body. It may prevent certain types of cancer and prevent heart disease. Folic acid has innumerable health benefits and oranges are a good source.

Oranges are a source of potassium too. High intake of potassium can lower blood sugar levels of people with hypertension. So whenever you are tensed or stressed gorge on a piece of orange, you may be relieved of it as it can lower blood sugar levels and calm you down. It is known to be a good news to heart patients too.

It also contains citric acid, phenolics and caroteinoids. The phenolics in oranges are known to contribute to heart health. A class of phenolics are known to make flesh red by helping in the production of red blood cells. It has other benefits too. When it comes to citric acid, the citric acid is responsible for the sour taste of the oranges. As per research ,citric acid is known to be good for preventing kidney stone formation. The caroteinoids are responsible for the color of oranges and they are also good for health. Caroteinoid along with vitamin-A can regulate cell growth, regulate hormones and metabolism.

Some health benefits of oranges in a glance

  • Good for heart health which can prevent premature death.
  • Consuming the juice may reduce blood sugar levels.
  • The fiber content in them may reduce cholesterol .
  • The potassium may prevent the formation of kidney stones.
  • They are an excellent source of vitamin-C that is good for producing new red blood cells.
  • Citric acid and vitamin -C can increase the absorption of iron from the digestive tract that is good for the body to produce new blood.
  • They may prevent anemia.

For their numerous health benefits, oranges may have to be consumed and you may be also pleased with their sweet and sour taste. They are nutritious too. They are recommended for many health issues so why not grab a piece of orange right away?

Pradeepa Polineni