Side Effects of Hair Dye You Must Have to Know

Side Effects of Hair Dye

Hair dye, as well as hair colour, is becoming increasingly popular among the people across the globe. According to the experts, these hair dyes are filled with various chemicals which can affect negatively on your overall health. In many studies, it has been found that there can be a relationship between hair colour and cancer. There are various side effects of hair dye such as damage to hair or scalp, harmful reactions on the skin and much more. Experts always recommend using the natural alternatives to the chemical hair dye such as henna, which is also considered suitable for your skin.

There are various side effects of hair dye which also depends on the type of it. Disadvantages may vary according to the type of hair dye, experts say. Hair dyes get classified into three important types, and they are, permanent, semi-permanent as well as temporary. All these types depend upon the formula of peroxide contained in it.

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Types of hair dye

hair dye

1.Permanent hair dye

This type of hair dye is filled with a large amount of peroxide, and it helps in the delivering the colour deep into the roots of your hair. This hair dye gets fade out in 8-10 weeks, although it is the best long-lasting formula of hair dye available currently.

2.Semi-permanent hair dye

Apart from adding hair colour into your shaft, without opening it, this hair dye helps in providing shine to the hair. Although semi-permanent hair dye can be a great option as it contains comparatively less amount of peroxide than permanent hair dye, this type of hair dye lasts only for six weeks.

3.Temporary hair dye

For the people who want to do experiments with their hair colour for a temporary basis, this hair dye can be highly helpful, according to the experts. After applying this hair dye, the colour lasts only until your next hair washes as the colour place itself on the surface and does not go deep into it. This can be a good option as it contains fewer side effects than the other two types of hair dye.

Side effects of hair dye

Side effects of hair dye

There are various disadvantages of hair dyes which you should always keep in your mind before proceeding with the application of hair dye on your hairs. According to the experts, there are around 500 formulas of the hair dye, and each formula does have its own side effects. However, few side effects of hair dye are common and can be found in every formula. Scientists are also studying various disadvantages of hair dye on human health. The most common side effects of hair dye are,

1.Can lead to cancer

According to the scientific research, hair dye formulas which tried on few animals showed containing harmful carcinogenic substances. Although hair companies tried their best in replacing these harmful formulas to make hair safe, still the threat of cancer through hair dye is existed and too far from diminishing.

In another study, scientists also found out the relationship between the dangerous chemical products in the hair dye and the risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma, according to the experts. Researchers also found that regular use of hair colour can also lead to acute leukemia in adults. However, this claim needs further support. Also, the relationship between the hair colour as well as breast cancer is still not supported. Although the research is still going on, in a nutshell, scientist has found the very small relationship of hair colour with cancer.


The presence of paraphenylenediamine or more commonly known as PPD, an allergen, is the main factor behind causes of allergies through hair dyes. People who are more sensitive to dermatitis are more on the risk of developing more allergies, according to the experts.

To save yourself from these side effects of hair dye, you should first try testing it on your hair in small quantities before using it on a regular basis. Experts also says that you should try a small amount of hair dye on the inside of your elbow and should wait till it gets dry and notice if you are having any side effects as well as allergic reactions. If you are having rashes, itchiness as well as swollen eyes along with nausea, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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Another one of the major hair dye side effects is it affects fertility. Hair dyes are filled with the substance known as lead acetate, which affects negatively on the fertility in men and women. The hairdressers are at huge risk of developing various fertility issues as they come in contact with various hair products which contains lead acetate in it, quite regularly.

However, experts also suggest that the content of lead acetate in hair products is not enough for causing fertility issues in the body. However, they also recommend being alert and follow all the safety measures which are mentioned on the package before using it.

4.Hair health

Regular use of hair dye might deteriorate the health of your hair, according to the experts. Ammonia, as well as peroxide in the dye, gets deeper in your hair to provide them chemical-induced colour as well as nourishment. Using hair dye regularly will remove all the natural luster in your hair. Although manufacturers have stopped the usage of ammonia in the hair dyes, other chemical products in the hair dye are also not considered as beneficial to your hair, according to the experts.

The overuse of chemical on your hair also damage your natural hair colour and may change it while making them very weak.

Few safety measures

Few safety measures

To save yourself from these side effects of hair dye, you should follow few safety measures to keep your hair healthy.

-It is important to check and follow the instructions printed on the package of the hair dye.
-It is also recommended that you use protective gloves while applying the hair due on your hair and you should also keep the dye away from your eyes.
-Avoid leaving the solution on your hair longer than mentioned on the package.
-Avoid colouring your hair if your suffering with rashes or itchiness on your scalp.
-Performing a test before applying the hair colour regularly is always recommended by the experts to save yourself from any disadvantages of hair dye.

By Prajakt K.