Important Reasons Why You Still Have Big Belly

reasons why you still have big belly

Weight gain has become one of the biggest health related problems across the globe. It is important to remove that fat, which has been saturated around your belly to stay fit. This saturated fat is a danger signal for various fatal diseases such as diabetes as well as heart diseases. It can also lead to various types of cancers as well as insulin resistance. To counter this if you are following balanced diet and regular exercise and still you are not getting the best results. Other factors might be affecting it, according to the experts. These factors contains your age, hormonal changes as well as genetic aspects.
It is important that you consider these reasons why you still have big belly before jumping to further conclusions. We have made a list for you to explain the factors behind obesity and how to counter them, if it is possible.
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Here is the list…

Reasons you still have a big belly

1Age factor

One of the most important reason why you still have a big belly even after switching to balanced diet and workout can be your growing age. As per various research studies, as you grow old, your body changes the pattern of gaining as well as losing weight. With aging, body loses its metabolic rate and end up removing less calories. For women, they have to face situation such as menopause. In this stage, formation of hormones, estrogen as well as progesterone gets decreased and weight gain in this stage might stays in your belly for lifetime, according to the experts. Apart from that, testosterone levels also goes down dramatically as your age grows.

2Absence of proper workout

Absence of proper workout

Following a same pattern in your workouts might help you temporarily. However, in the long run it won’t produce better results for you. If you are doing cardio regularly, but not concentrating much on other exercises, then while your cardio might go well, but it will not reduce weight in a proper way. According to the experts, you need a better combination of exercises in your workout which will focus the whole body. Experts suggest that you should spend around 200-250 minutes of moderate-intensity workout or 100-125 minutes of high-intensity workout per week to get better results.

3Consumption of processed foods

According to the experts, inflammation in your body gets increased if you eat too much processed foods such as refined grains like crackers, chips as well as white bread. Consumption of refined sugars in drinks as well as desserts also increases body weight. To avoid gaining fat around your belly fat, you should stop eating processed foods and switch to fruits, vegetables, as well as whole grains, which are rich in antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

4Eating unwanted fats

Our body is not made to metabolize any type of fats. Meats and dairy products contains saturated fats in large quantities which converts into visceral fats around your waist and belly area. Consumption of monounsaturated fats, found in avocados as well as olive oil and polyunsaturated fats, found in salmon, sunflower seeds and walnuts, contains anti-inflammatory properties. Although these fats are good for the body, consuming fats of any type beyond a limit leads to weight gain.



Getting too much stress of anything will only result into failing in losing unwanted weight, especially from your midriff section. Although it has been found that, you end up eating high-fat foods when you are in stress, it is not the only reason. It also occurs due to a stress hormone known as cortisol, which increases your stress level and also increases the fat level in your fats by widening the fat cells. According to many studies, higher cortisol level leads to the saturation of the belly fat.

6Skipping sleep time

This is another great reason why you still have big belly. According to the research people who sleep only for five hours in the night end up gaining weight 30 percent more than the people who takes sleep for a minimum of seven hours. Apart from this, your timings of sleep should also be fixed and you should avoid going to bed late in the night. According to the experts, you should have sleep for a minimum of seven to eight hours.

7Genetic problems

Although obesity can be cured with regular exercises and some patience, it can get extremely difficult many a times. If you are suffering with genetic problems like you have an apple shape and have more mass on thighs as well as hips, it gets more difficult for you to lose weight from your midriff area. Experts says that this can be cured with lot of determination and you should never lose hopes. Regular exercise as well as proper diet with medical guidance can solve this problem.

8Medical emergencies

Lack of motivation

In many cases it becomes highly difficult for you to lose your weight. It might be due to severe medical conditions. According to the experts, if you are having high testosterone levels, for example, a condition mainly occurs due to polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS in women, then you should immediately take a medical guidance. In many situation being an overweight can lead to diseases such pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Lack of motivation

Last but not the least, motivation is the main factor behind achieving success in any work. If you are unmotivated and not at all committed to lose your weight, then it might get difficult for you to burn extra calories. According to the experts, if you are willing to do extra work, then you can even go beyond your genetics and achieve success in losing weight. Proper exercise with more concentration on challenging workouts along with balanced natural diet is what you need to lose fats from your midriff area.
This are few reasons why you still have big belly and you should consider to re-analyze your whole workout to lose more weight and to keep yourself away from diseases.

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By Prajakt K.