Man-Woman and the Effects of Financial Expectations!

Psychological Effects of Financial Expectations on women

The rising number of women at work places has often tended to put men ill at ease. They tend to feel insecure, on the sidelines, deprived and uncertain of their position in the hierarchy.

A recent study suggests to us that a man who is the sole bread earner of the house, does his health considerable harm, just by been at the position that he is at. That of the sole bread earner that is. They usually look out to share their financial burdens, whereas women thrive on theirs. Read more on the psychological effects of Financial expectations on woman-man.

The Only Wage Earning Women are in Good Health

An analysis has brought to light, that men who make more than their better halves, take their role of bread earning more seriously, than perhaps expected of them at times. To the extent that they may consider it to be their obligation. The fairer sex, however, looks at bread earning as an opportunity, to the extent of been a choice. It comes with a sense of pride in case of women. It may not matter to them what their position would be in society, if the choice or opportunity is taken away from them by any circumstance.

The studies have developed into a body of work, which explains that gender expectation is as harmful for a man, as it is for a woman. In different ways, although. At times the weight of the expectation may get to an individual, bringing about repercussions, which may not be ideal for the smooth sailing of life.

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In order to determine the dependency in between financial expectations and general health, the researchers questioned as many as 9000 individuals, who participated in the health research program. It was subsequently realized that the health of the men were at their worst when they were the solitary wage earner in their families. The psychological well being of the men was more severely affected than their physical well being. The effects however, were in stark contrast, in case of women. Their psychological well being improved with an increase in their capacity to contribute economically to the family’s cause.

Beat Stress for a Healthy Mind

The women who whose contribution were lesser than their spouses’, suffered psychologically from the situation. However the relative income was not a factor in the case of women. The safe inference could be reached at, that men feel more reassured when their wives contribute economically, whereas the situation works well for the women as well, as they feel more confident about themselves. A win-win situation for everyone.

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