One Arm Dumbbell Row – Workout of the Day

One Arm Dumbbell Row

The latussumus dorsi, literally means the broadest muscles of the back in Latin. What we commonly call the lats, is a very essential element of our core strength.

There may be innumerable ways of performing a row. Most of the rows intend upon strengthening your back muscles, and could be performed with a variety of accompaniments. The dumbbell, barbell, and the EZ rod among others. Here we present for your reading pleasure, workout of the day – the one arm dumbbell row.

Procedure for the One Arm Dumbbell Row

1. This is a unilateral exercise, which focuses on your lateral muscles.

2. You may need the exercise bench and dumbbells for proceeding with the exercise.

3. Use the weight that you are most comfortable with for the first set.

4. Head over to the flat bench. Bend over by placing one of your folded knees on the bench. Your back should be parallel to the bench.

5. The arm on the same side, as that of the bent leg, may be kept on the bench for support. Hold the dumbbell with the other hand and let it hang freely.

6. For the straining motion of the exercise, you would have to lift the arm with the weight. Keep it as close to your body as possible. The lifting motion should be brought about by the bending of the elbow, even as it moves in the upward direction.

7. Lift the weight up till the height of your torso. Hold for a moment, at the utmost position before letting your hand drop slowly to the initial position. Make sure that the hand does not experience any swinging motion.

8. You may want to breathe in during the straining motion of the exercise, and breathe out while performing the relaxing motion. For each set do the number of repetitions that you are used to. Increase the weights for the subsequent sets.

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By Abhro