Olympic Athletes who are Married to their Coaches

Athletes who are Married to their Coaches

The coach and the athlete usually end up sharing a special bond, more so if the sport is of individual competition. It becomes only natural to come across married couples who are also a successful athlete and coach pair. A partisanship, after all is as much required in matrimony, as it is in professional sports. As a result a number of athlete and coach relationships turn romantic from platonic.

In the present edition of the Olympics, some 11,000 athletes would have touched ground at Rio, in Brazil. We have listed a total of four athletes whose coaches have put a ring on them. Read on about these Olympic athletes who are married to their coaches. Them who let their trade play cupid for them.

Olympians Married to their Coaches

1Katinka Hosszú and Shane Tusup

Katinka Hosszú

They might just be the most popular couple on our list. Katinka Hosszu is, known as the Iron Lady from Hungary due to the stamina and resilience she has showcased in professional competition. In the current edition of the Olympics, she won the gold in the 400 meters individual medley by over two seconds, which is a huge margin in competitive swimming. They both met at the University of Southern California, where their love story blossomed due to their common interest in swimming.

2Kim and Paula Collins

Kim and Paula Collins

Kim Collins is a familiar name from London Olympics, 2012. The four time Olympian from St Kitts and Nevis was expelled from the team for spending the night at a hotel room with wife and kids rather than at the Olympic village. Paula Collins was, and still is Kim’s coach. Kim Collins may be a lesser known star in the 100m race, which has been Usain Bolt territory for some time now, but Kim sure has his wife by his side, cheering him on.

3Emily Batty and Adam Morka

Emily Batty and Adam Morka

Emily Batty is a cyclist based out of Ontario, Canada, who was named in the national contingent for her commendable performances in the Pan American Games and the Common Wealth Games. It would be only fair to regard the husband cum coach, Adam Morka, to be an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. The two of them are said to have met at a bike store.

4Jared and Claire Tallent

Jared and Claire Tallent

In the 2012 summer games held in London, both Jared and Claire were representing Australia in the racewalking event. In 2016, although Claire is accompanying Jared as his coach, rather than as a teammate.

Jared won a gold in 2012, at the 50km walk, and is looking forward to a repeat performance this time around. Claire, however retired from professional competition after 2012, and has since then become a coach for her husband. In the team, although is Rachel Tallent, who is a raceawlker in her own capacities, and is coached by her brother Jared Tallent.

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