Everything You Want to Know About Neural Foraminal Stenosis

neural foraminal stenosis

Large number of people are unaware of the disease known as neural foraminal stenosis. It is a condition which appears when the openings of the spine narrow down and makes difficult for the nerves of the spine to gets pass through the passageway. This condition may cause various symptoms due to the pinching of nerves. The severity of the symptoms depends fully upon the number of nerves which have got pinched.

The treatment of neural foraminal stenosis depends upon the severity of the condition. It is important to get rid of this disease which may prove complicated and cause various health diseases.

Here we have tried to provide all the details about the problem of neural foraminal stenosis from its symptoms, causes as well as some of the best ways of treating the disease. Read on to get full information about the health condition.

Major causes of neural foraminal stenosis

neural foraminal stenosis

There are few major causes of neural foraminal stenosis which you should know. The list of major causes of neural foraminal stenosis is given below.

1. Age

Aging causes many diseases. It is quite natural that as a person starts to grow old the spine becomes weak and becomes narrower and it becomes difficult for the nerves to pass through it.

2. Abnormalities as well as bone spurs

While some conditions causes abnormal growth of some extra bones, some conditions may also cause the condition of changing in the growth rate of the bones. Both these conditions may cause incredible damage to the spinal cord.

3. Congenital

Some people born with the condition of congenital. However, do not know about it till the spine gets too narrow and it becomes almost impossible for the nerves to pass through the passageway.

4. Repetitive activity

The problem of neural foraminal stenosis may also cause due to doing of certain activities repetitively throughout their life.

5. Obesity

Obesity brings large number of diseases with it. It is important therefore to lose your weight not only to look good but also to prevent yourself from various diseases which can be caused due to obesity.

6. Degenerative diseases

Diseases which grows and becomes worse over time are known as degenerative diseases. If you are suffering with degenerative diseases linked to bone problems it is possible that you may also get suffered with neural foraminal stenosis.

Symptoms of neural foraminal stenosis

Symptoms of neural foraminal stenosis

Here is a list some of the symptoms of neural foraminal stenosis which may help you in identifying the disease fast so that you can get proper treatment.

1. Numbness

You may feel numbness as well as difficulty in moving some parts of the body. You may also experience the absence of particular part of the body.

2. Tingling sensation

You can also feel the the tingling sensation after switching to a different different position from an earlier position. The feeling of tingling sensation may also feel even after there is no constraint on the particular body part.

3. Muscle weakness

This disease can also cause severe pain in the muscles. However, this will be quickly identified by the patients as the pain will start to grow rapidly.

4. Loss of bowel and bladder movements

This is another major symptom of neural foraminal stenosis. It is important to take help of your doctor immediately if you are having loss of your bowel as well as bladder movements for long period.

5. Severe pain

Severe pain all over the body organs can be caused due to difficulties faced by the nerves while passing through the passageway. This pain will be sharp and it is recommended not to ignore it.

These symptoms may also be related to various other diseases. To get diagnosed with the cause of these symptoms correctly, it is recommended to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing even 2 of the symptoms mentioned above.

Diagnosis of neural foraminal stenosis

Diagnosis of neural foraminal stenosis

If you are the person who tend to ignore various symptoms shown by the body and assume that it will go away with time, then it becomes important for you to take the help of your doctor immediately as the symptoms of this disease will not go away with time instead they may get more severe with the time if ignored or left untreated.

The diagnosis of the disease, even after you have booked an appointment with your doctor, is quite difficult as the symptoms may not that severe at the initial stage and they not even be consistent.

Your doctor will depend on your medical history as well as the description of the problem you are facing for the diagnosis. Tests such as diagnostic imaging along with various other may also be prescribed by the doctor for perfect diagnosis.

Best ways to treat neural foraminal stenosis

treat neural foraminal stenosis

You can opt for various options for the treatment of neural foraminal stenosis. Some of the major ways are listed below.

1. Physical therapy

To get back the lost sensation of the body parts caused by neural foraminal stenosis, certain types of physical therapy may given to the patient. This therapy may help in getting back the lost sensation with the time. This will also help in strengthening the bones as well as muscles.

2. Non-surgical treatments

This treatment may prove highly helpful if the condition of the disease is still in its initial stage and shows the sign of improvement. In this treatment, your doctor may suggest to consume some medications to reduce pain as well as other symptoms.

3. Heat and ice therapy

This is another major effective therapy which works well in getting relief from pain caused by the condition. However, this remedy will only work in eliminating pain not the entire condition. You will need to find another ways to get rid of neural foraminal stenosis.

4. Chiropractic treatment

This treatment requires chiropractor to align the spinal cord to improve the condition of the disease. Although some people find this treatment highly effective, there are various people who think that the treatment is just not worth it.

5. Lifestyle changes

Making some positive lifestyle changes such as not doing activities which are done by you for long period of time as well as leading a healthy lifestyle may help you in keeping yourself away from the disease.

6. Decompression surgery

Undergoing this surgery may also help you treating the problem of neural foraminal stenosis if trying everything other is not showing proper improvement.

7. Minimal surgeries

You can also undergo some minimal surgeries if you are suffering with the mild symptoms of neural foraminal stenosis. These small surgeries may help you in improving the condition.