Key Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety and how to overcome

symptoms of stress and anxiety

Stress has become a common concern for many in the present generation. It may be credited to issues pertaining to work pressure, emotional, domestic or social issues. Whichever may be the case, it is accompanied by stress and anxiety. Both may sound similar and cause the same concern, but differ slightly. Stress can be due to pressure on our mind and body. On the other hand, anxiety can be a kind of worry due to unattainable results. The symptoms of stress and anxiety will be dealt with in the present discussion.

Cause of stress

Cause of stressMany factors can result in stress. If you are the one who lacks self-confidence, then you will be prone to stress. Even if you do not have a proper relationship, or lack a feeling of friendship or support in your life can make you feel stressed inside out. Sometimes dealing with new situations and unable to cope with them can cause a kind of stress.

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Cause of anxiety

Cause of anxietyWhen your worry is out of proportion to the circumstance, it may be called anxiety. The situation can be small but you may worry unreasonably. It may be caused due to some situations that you are panicky or that make you worry and you become anxious. Physical health problems like heart disease, hypertension, hormonal changes can also cause anxiety.

There may be some symptoms to identify stress or anxiety.

Symptom of stress

Emotionally, you may get easily agitated, frustrated or moody. You may lose control over yourself. You may not have peaceful mind or feel lonely, worthless and depressed. These are the emotional aspects of stress.

Physical symptoms of stress can be

1) Low energy

Low energyIf you are not able to sleep properly, you have a stress troubling you. Your energy levels are low when you have stress since you have spent most of your mental energy on stress. It is a result of thoughts that can cause you to be low in energy.

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2) Headaches

HeadachesStress is capable of triggering headaches. Whenever you are stressed, you fall prey to negative thoughts loading your mind and they give you a headache. You had better be relaxed to beat stress so that you are not attacked by headaches.

3) Constipation or diarrhea

Constipation or diarrheaStress causes a constipation or diarrhea or both. It can make your stools hard to pass as the stimulus cannot be sent from the brain to the digestive system to digest food since your brain is preoccupied with thoughts. Diarrhea may be occurring due to the weakening of nerves that hold your digestive system. You may have an alternating pattern of constipation and diarrhea .

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4) Insomnia

InsomniaStress may be the cause of insomnia in many. Many face the issue of unable to fall asleep due to the underlying stress. Stress causes an imbalance between sleep and wakefulness. It may also affect the quality of the sleep.

5) Excess sweating

Excess sweatingYou may be sweating too much and do not know the reason for the sweat. It could be due to stress. Some experience cold sweats while others have hot sweats. It can be from moderate to severe.

Anxiety too has similar symptoms that have been discussed above. Stress and anxiety almost cause similar symptoms.

How to overcome stress

You have to feel a kind of calmness to relieve yourself from the stress that life and its strange situations have to give you. Whenever you have stress being attacked, just feel the inner peace to beat the effects of stress.

Try to go to bed early and have more sleep so that you can get rejuvenated by the next day and have much mental energy to deal with situations and will not have to be stressed out.

Reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine which are stress stimulants. Instead drink herbal teas or green tea that can beat out stress and give you a good mental health.

Incorporate more physical activity into your routine so that they can fight with hormones related to metabolism. They restore your mind to calmness and clarity.

How to beat out anxiety

Learn to relax. Do not get over excited and put yourself in worry. Possibly meditation can be fruitful in fighting both depression or anxiety. Whenever you are stressed, inhale and exhale deeply.

Spend time with friends and family as social support plays an important role. You do not have to worry about anything. Things will pass off but the anxiety that you develop may leave you with health problems.

Eat well and do not skip meals. Eating well and keeping yourself filled all the time can make you mentally active and overcome anxiety.

The symptoms of stress and anxiety can give you a tough time but looking for ways for overcoming it can help you lead a normal life like others.

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