Instant Detox Foods For This Diwali

Instant Detox Foods

As Diwali is the festival of spreading happiness and eating many different things as well as sweets, we eat many calories during the festival. But this always results in making a mess in our body. To cleanse our whole system requires detoxification. For this detoxification as well, we have to turn to instant detox foods available in the market which can clean your body organically.

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We bring you such foods, which can help you in detoxification of your body. Consumption of these detox agents guarantees the whole body cleaning and keeps you away from various diseases.



Lemon helps in the process of digestion by making it more healthy. According to the experts, the tart taste of lemon is actually the thing which encourages the digestion process and makes the whole digestion faster. Even lemon peels are also supported detoxification as it contains with anti-oxidants.



Coriander seeds are helpful in detoxification heavy metals such as lead and mercury which gets accumulated in the body. Taking coriander leaves for garnishing of food items is also a helpful thing as it can boost the digestion process.



Rich with pigments that help in curing liver ailments, beetroot supports the detoxification of estrogen that is not useful for the body. Starting your day with beetroot juice not only helps in digestion but also cleanse your system as well.



Tomatoes are filled with red pigments which also are responsible for giving them its red color. These pigments are helpful in providing various health benefits and detoxification as well. It also helps in preventing skin damage under your skin.

5Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain the high amount of magnesium, elements which require for keeping blood pressure normal. Apart from supporting heart rhythm, it also helps in encouraging lipolysis, the process under which body flushes fat from its stores.



Garlic has always been considered as the best detox agent.It helps in purifying liver by delivering the detoxification compounds and flushes out poisonous formations from the digestive system. Additionally, consumption of garlic also helps in proper development of both your hair and skin.

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By Prajakt K.