How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

keep your skin hydrated

Taking care of your skin, especially winters, is a difficult thing. Various temperature changes as well as dryness not only dehydrates your skin, but it also loses various important nutrition. According to the experts, as your skin loses water in winters the harmful bacteria in the surroundings easily gets into your skin. Dry skin can cause various skin problems such as inflamed, itchy as well as splotchy skin or you can even get eczema. It is important to keep you hydrated and not to let it dry.

You can get beautiful and attractive skin through drinking water in large amounts. Drinking water more than enough also cleans all the dirt from the body, which again helps in getting aging-free skin.

We have brought you a list of some important remedies which you can consider to keep your skin clean clear and hydrated.

Important Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

1Start using a humidifier

Low humidity results in getting your skin dry. Humidity level drops in your house when you use heaters in your home to get warm in winters. To counter this, humidifiers can be used. It helps in getting that lost moisture back into the air protects your skin from drying. Remember to close the door of the room while putting a humidifier near your bed. It will help in locking moisturizer in that room Using distilled water and filters according to the direction will help in getting best results. According to the experts, 30-50 percent humidity level is considered as ideal for your health.

2Take a shower with warm water

It feels highly relaxing, taking a hot shower. However, according to the experts, taking hot water showers dries up your skin littler faster. Hence, taking warm water for your shower can help you I maintaining skin hydration while bathing. It is also important not to stay under shower for more than 5-10 minutes. Experts also say that while taking a shower daily is good and acceptable, bathing two times a day can be injurious.

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3Use proper bathing products

Although there are lots of bathing products available in the market nowadays, experts say that various perfumes as well as harmful chemicals will only result into skin irritation. They also recommend that it is good to stay away from anti-bacterial body washes as well as soaps and hand washes with lots of fragrances. Opting for fragrance-free products containing simple ingredients helps in keeping your skin hydrated.

4Moisturize your skin

While moisturizing your skin is important, the time of moisturizing is also an important factor. Experts say that moisturizing your skin just after taking bath your ointments, creams as well as lotions restricts existing moisture from letting out from your skin. For people who have a very dry skin, experts say that, coconut oil can be used as a great natural moisturizer. It helps in softening the skin and also helps in reducing the appearance of few fines lines.

5Drink lots and lots of water

Drinking lots of water helps in making your digestive system strong. It also helps in improving blood circulation as well as kidney function. Apart from these benefits, water also helps in keeping your skin cells hydrated. Experts says that your skin can become dry if it doesn’t get enough water. It is important to drink lots of water and to measure how much are you drinking, especially during winters. Although there is no scientific proof behind this, water helps in brightening your skin.

Apart from these keeping your lips hydrated is also necessary in winters as they are the only one which gets badly affected due to dryness in winters. Keeping your lips healthy through Vaseline might prove highly beneficial.

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By Prajakt K