How to Get Rid of Bacne

how to get rid of bacne

While almost all people know that acne is a common beauty problem, very people are familiar with the fact that acne or pimples can also show on other parts of the body such as your neck, shoulders, upper arms as well as back.

The problem of appearance of acne on your back is known as bacne. There are various natural home remedies on how to get rid of bacne which you can consider to get rid of it.

While almost all people know that acne is a common beauty problem, very people are familiar with the fact that acne or pimples can also show on other parts of the body such as your neck, shoulders, upper arms as well as back.

The problem of appearance of acne on your back is known as bacne. There are various natural home remedies on how to get rid of bacne which you can consider to get rid of it.

Here we have tried to provide you all the important information about the problem of bacne, its causes as well as the home treatments to get rid of it. Read on to get to know all the details about the topic.

Who can get bacne?

Who can get bacne

Back acne or bacne is a normal condition in people suffering from various skin inflammations. It can happen to both the genders in adults, teenagers or even old people. However, according to the experts, skin inflammation conditions are more severe in males.

Usually, the problem of skin inflammation or acne appears on your face and starts to spread rapidly throughout the body. Although not everyone will face the problem of spreading acne to the other vast areas of the body from your face, few people are certainly are at risk of it.

Causes of bacne?

Causes of bacne

The problem of bacne or also known as body acne occurs due to the same condition which triggers facial acne. Uncontrolled activities in oil glands, lack of removal of dead skin cells along with the becoming of a pimple to organisms are some of the major causes of acne appearance. Acne may also occur due to clogging of pores or follicles due to oil or dead skin cells. The blockages may convert into a pimple.
What the problem of skin breakout is more common on the back as well as upper middle part of the body as these regions have more sebaceous glands. Various skin erosions, too, cause skin inflammation. Rubbing of the area of the skin which has already been aggravated helps in worsening the condition of breakouts. Some of the reasons where your skin area may get rubbed are,

  • Wearing tight-fitting garments
  • Hard collars
  • Knapsacks
  • Straps of handbags
  • Rigging or athletic cushions

Experts recommend not to use heavy bags in on your back such as having a rucksack for books when you can carry books in your hands.

Another major cause of skin inflammation is sweat and can cause back acne. It is recommended to take showers as much as you can to counter the problem of sweating. Avoiding rubbing of skin while sweating with the help of loofah as well. Purifying yourself with delicate touch may help you in preventing the condition of back acne.

Types of bacne

Types of bacne

● Whiteheads

This occurs when your follicles become shut due to clogging underneath your skin and causes the formation of white knock.

● Clogged pores

This takes place when hair follicles on the surface of the skin become clogged and form a pimple.

● Papules

The skin breakouts which looks like a pink pimple on your skin and can be delicate to touch are known as papules.

● Pustules

Pustules, which are also known as pimples, are filled with yellow discharge and looks similar to the papules.

● Cysts

The formation of a knob-like structure due the injury of skin breakout far deeper in the skin is called cysts.

● Blisters

Severe larger sores filled with discharge and causes pain, as well as scar on the skin, are blisters.

Natural home remedies on how to get rid of bacne

how to get rid of bacne

Various natural remedies at home are found to be highly effective in treating the problem of back acne by treating skin inflammations. Some of the major natural home remedies which you consider to get rid of acne are listed below.

● Sea salt 

Although minimal research is available on why sea salt is useful in treating the condition of acne, sea salt has the potential of treating skin inflammation as it helps in countering the development of bacterial infection. Salt also helpful in drying out of your skin and thus removes all oil which may cause body acne.

  • Add some sea salt in a steaming water.
  • Let this salt get absorbed for 20-30 minutes.
  • Soak yourself in the water for few minutes.
  • Pat yourself dry.
  • You can apply some lotion as you skin may get dried due to salt. Make sure that you are applying it gently.

● Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is helpful in treating various skin disorders.It helps in removing the impurities from the skin pores and opens them. Your skin feels rejuvenated after getting rid of oil as well as dead skin cells.

  • Crush the oats finely○ Put the oats in a sock and tie it.
  • Let the oats blend in the water in your tub. The oats will stable at the base of the tub once it sufficiently blended.
  • Now put the sock with oats in your tub.
  • Crush it while dousing to blend its juice in the water.
  • Soak yourself in the tub for 10-20 minutes.

● Baking soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate helps in exfoliating the skin. Along with unplugging the pores, it also helps in removing dead skin cells. Additionally, it also helps in balancing the pH level of the skin. These properties are helpful in getting rid of pimples.

  • Make a paste of baking soda by adding it in the water.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area and rinse it gently.
  • Wash it off with the help of water.
  • You can also add cinnamon powder, lime juice or honey into it.

● Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the incredible natural home remedies for curing various disorders. It balances the pH level of the skin and helps in preventing skin breakouts. It is also a strong natural antibacterial which prevents the development of bacterial infections.

  • Mix apple cider vinegar with water and blend it well.
  • Take a spray bottle and fill the mixture in it.
  • Spray the mixture on the affected area every day before going to bed.
  • Wash it off after 20 minutes.
  • You can also spray it at any time.
  • Also, you can use a cotton ball to apply apple cider vinegar on the skin inflammation.

● Lemon juice

Skin breakouts can also be prevented effectively with the help of lemon juice due to its acidic properties. Along with solidifying the sebum, lemon juice is also helpful cleaning out the impurities in the pores.  Use this remedy regularly to get rid of bacne

  • Cut a lemon in half.
  • Rub a cut of lemon on the affected area.
  • Leave it for 2 hours.
  • Rinse gently○ Wash it off with water.

● Honey

Applying cereal on the bacne can also be done using honey. Honey is antibacterial in nature and prevents bacne due to its calming properties. Along with countering microbes which cause skin inflammation, honey also helps in killing redness as well as swelling.

  • Cook some oatmeal.
  • Add honey to it.
  • Let the mixture cool.
  • If you feel the mixture is too dry you can add more honey.
  • Apply it on the affected area.
  • Leave ti for 20-25 minutes.
  • Wash it off with the help of water.
  • Use this method once every day.

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