How To De-Stress Eyes While Working

De-stress eyes while working

Today, most of the people are working in front of their computers in various types of works. If you are spending too much time on your computers you may face various eye complaints. As eyes are one of the most important parts of your body and you use them almost all the day, they bear most of the stress during the whole day.

According to the experts eye stress is caused due to the absence of movement when we stare at the screens for the long period of time. As our body also needs relaxation, as part of our body, eyes also need similar unwinding as well as small exercises.

Fortunately, there are a few easy tips to de-stress eyes while working. You can apply them in your life to keep your eyes healthy. We bring you a list of such tips.

Important Tips to De-stress Eyes While Working

1Take breaks

Take breaks

It is important to take regular breaks as spending longer times in front of the computers as well as in the air-conditioned rooms dries your eyes. To counter this, you can step outwards and inhale the fresh air. Additionally, you can also drink lots of water helps you to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day, which increases the health of your eyes.

2Take eyes off the screens

Take eyes off the screens

You can also take sitting breaks to give some rest to your eyes. Just take off your eyes from the screens regularly after 20-30 minutes. This not only helps in preventing dry eyes, but also will be helpful in removing blurry vision as well as headaches. Always remember to keep 50-60 centimeters of distance between your eyes and the computer screen. Ensure that there is enough light in the room.

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3Do small exercises with your eyes

Do small exercises with your eyes

Moving your eyeballs can be nice refreshing exercise. Many experts also said that it not only refreshes your eyes, but also helps you in staying focused. To do this, just move your eyeballs clockwise and anticlockwise direction for at least 8-10 times per day.

4Play focus game

Play focus game

To play this game, when you get the free time from your work, fix your gaze at a spot on the wall. Then take your gaze beyond that and again fix the earlier spot. To make it easy, you can also try this with pen by fixing your gaze at the tip of your pen. Just hold it far from you and pull it towards you steadily.

5Always use anti-glare screens, anti-glare specs

anti-glare specs

Anti-glare protection helps you to keep your eyes protected from harmful rays erupting from the screens. Use anti glare protection on your computer screens or your glasses to keep your eyes healthy. Anti-reflective protection, also might prove helpful to you. Check out the difference between the two.

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By Prajakt K.