How to Choose Flowers for your Wedding

Choose Flowers for your Wedding

Flowers are a great way to accentuate the beauty quotient of your wedding reception. They are sure to hog their share of the limelight and get their share of coverage in the photographs. At the very least, you may want to have an elaborate bouquet for bride, and more prosaic ones for the attendants. Moreover, boutonnieres are highly desirable for the groom and his posse. The ladies of note could be presented with corsages, while the arena, could do with some floral notes. Centerpieces for the tables and overhanging arrangements, covering arches and otherwise mundane ceiling spaces.

Yet the first step would require the narrowing down upon a reliable florist. Read on about how to choose flowers for your wedding. Get the job done.

Choosing the Right Wedding Flowers



If it is your marriage, and you have taken up the flowers upon yourself. In that case time management may be quite the issue for you. You may want to visit as many florist as your time permits. Visiting a florist usually requires visiting each individual trader and checking out the samples for yourself. You may have your florist of choice. Yet scouring the market for all possible options is never a bad idea.

Flowers do have the tendency of surprising us in a pleasant way, every now and then. You may never be sure of the flowers that are available in the market. The freshness which a flower will retain, depends on its breeding, as much it is dependent on the season of the year. Options are available in plenty online, in case you are looking for some exotic flowers which may not be available in your neighborhood.



You may want to be prepared with the following three aspect of your flower shopping, before you hit the florist. The budget, the quantity and the style. A modest budget for flowers is a smart option. Flowers may fix you in a trance for the moment. Yet they come with their own limited shelf life, and is of no use to the couple later in their life together. Florist, more often than not have the reputation of working within the budget constraints. Using full bloom flower would help you in covering more space with lesser stems.

In order to finalize on your final expenditure, the florist may want to know the total number of guests that you are expecting. The number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, if there are any. The children, the parents and the grandparents and the step parents. Those who would adorn the flowers and those who would choose not to.

You may want to have a basic blueprint in your mind of the decor plan, according to the space available. You may decide on a theme and then narrow down on the specifics. The theme would need to be general like minimalist, lavish, romantic and the sorts. You may choose to stick to a colour scheme depending on the design details of your invitation card, or the colour of the bride’s dress for the occasion.

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3Meeting the Florist

Meeting the Florist

Meeting the florist and checking on the flowers are up to you. Yet the advice of the professional is of the utmost importance. You may want to furnish the florist with the following information.

A sample piece of the bride’s dress for the occasion. It is an extremely important element that coordinates with the decor. You may take a few photographs of your wedding dress as well, for visual aids are of the essence in choosing the colour scheme and layout patterns. If there are brochures available for the reception venue, then well and good. Otherwise, you may want to carry some photographs of the location. Taking the florist to the location, if possible, is not a bad idea at all.

4Your Questions

Your Questions

You are bound to have certain question for the florist. Well, if you do not have any, then we would be of your assistance in getting inquisitive.

You may ask the florist if they offer any other form of ornamentation, in the form of candles, lights and linens. They mat balance your expenses, by canceling out other elements which you may have thought of before. You may also want to get to know all there is to know about the flowers that you eventually decide upon. Specially their shelf life. You may also want to confirm on the availability of the flowers of your choice, on the day of the reception. Get the estimates and subsequently finalize on the intricacies of the design. Live happily ever after.

By Abhro