How Practicing Happiness Affects Your Health

Practicing Happiness Affects Your Health

Happiness might as well be defined as a state of extreme euphoria, brought about by an excess of positive emotions. A state of mind wherein your inner self is at peace, both with itself and the world around. The source of true happiness may be said to be the self, and its various perspectives of existence. In other words, you are the only one person on this habitable planet of ours, who can make, and keep yourself happy. It is more of a habit that is developed over a period of time, rather than acquired overnight, over a few drinks. In fact the very concept is a popular belief now, that personal happiness is a phenomenon that is not dependent on external factors or situations.

An optimist is always in control of the situation, unmoved by adversities, and appreciative of the outcome, no matter however they may turn out to be. Optimism may be said to act like a filter, which lets only positive thoughts enter the psyche, while all the negativity withers away.

A positive correlation is what happiness has with our overall well being. Positive psychology, as a science links happiness to health. It is not for nothing, laughter is said to be the best medicine. It is in fact true, that the cliche is based upon scientifically proven facts. Research has also brought to the fore the fact that the oncoming of happy or positive emotions naturally drives away the negativity from our minds.

This is the main principle around which,the best therapists the world over, design and develop their practice. This very same reason, they aim at identifying the cause of the damage, and build on strength thereupon, rather than treating the damage itself. In this publication, we present to you a certain number of ways, that would throw light on, for your benefits, as always, upon the facts, as to how practicing happiness affects your health. Read on and practice some of your own folks. Best wishes.

What are the Benefits of a Happy Mind

1Boosts Focus and Expands Thinking

Boosts Focus and Expands Thinking

Anger makes a heat seeking missile out of our minds, which has only one aim, destruction. A common cause of unhappiness, we all may universally accept anger to be. Whereas a happy person exuberates love, positive vibes, joy, wonder and excitement.

A happy mind is proven to have a larger attention span, compared to an unhappy one. Moreover a positive mindset broadens the horizon of thoughts, opening up new avenues in the life for the individual practicing the process of happiness. This is very same reason why a contended, satisfied, jubilant mind breeds productivity.

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2Protects the Heart

Protects the Heart

Although our heart may not be the very source from which happiness springs, yet the swinging emotions of the mind do have their respective effect on the functionality and conditioning of the heart. Science has proved it time and again that a happy person has moderate heart rates and optimum blood pressure.

3Happiness Inculcates Optimism

Happiness Inculcates Optimism

A number of studies have proven and established the fact that happiness brings about an optimistic outlook in a person, towards their respective lives. Optimism as we all know it to be, is a tendency of sorts, of always expecting the best outcome from any situation. It may not be the same thing as a positive emotion, although relations may exist. Optimism is more of a way of life, which is engraved into the moral fiber of existence of the person, rather that a mere point of view which may be adopted or rejected at will.

An optimist is always in control of the situation, unmoved by adversities, and appreciative of the outcome, no matter however they may turn out to be. Optimism may be said to act like a filter, which lets only positive thoughts enter the psyche, while all the negativity withers away. Optimistic persons are naturally known to have a longer life.

Calmness and self control may bestow a number of healthy benefits to the person who practices them. It has in fact been proven by research, that an optimistic person lives longer, by as much as 19%, as compared to a pessimistic one. The habit of optimism attracts positive vibes, like the nectar in the flowers, attracts the bees.

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4Prevents Diseases

Prevents Diseases

A number of researches have established the link between happiness to improved long term health. A happy mind ensures that the hormonal balance is maintained in the system. The innumerable necessary procedures of the body are, as a result fulfilled appropriately. The result is a stronger immune system, which makes the body less prone to infections and disease, minor and severe alike.

Happiness at the end of the day, is a decision, not simple by any stretch of imagination, yet achievable none the less and rewarding for sure.

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