Natural Cure for Headaches

Home Remedies for Headache

A headache can stop you in your tracks like in the snap of a finger. Reaching out for an aspirin may be the easy way out. Not so in the case of our liver. Studies have shown that regular use of Aspirin, causes as much damage to our liver, as does alcohol.

We have already presented for your benefit, a list of Natural cures for a splitting headache. You may check the link out below.

5 Natural ways to cure a headache

Read on ahead, as we conclude the discussion with a further list of home remedies for headache.

Home Remedies for Headache

1Basic Stretching

Basic Stretching

A few basic stretching exercises of the neck region, would not only strengthen the, tendons of the neck region, and thus prevent headaches to a large extend. What stretching also does, is could alleviate any pain caused by fatigue, stress, or simply a bad posture.

Simple chin movements including lateral and rotatory motions could prove to be extremely beneficial, both in the short, as well as,in the long run.



A hot or a cold compress may come in extremely handy while you are suffering from the acutest of headaches.

An Ice pack, or a hot water bag, applied on the neck, may help in alleviating migraine temporarily, as the change in temperature is known to treat inflammations which leads to the headache, in the first place.

The extreme temperatures brings about a numbing sensation, which may help you in forgetting the pain for some time. Even dipping your feet in hot water may relieve your prancing head.



Cloves are said to have pain relieving properties that are brought about byt a cooling sensation.

A few cloves coarsely crushed, and tied in a kerchief, may be used as an inhaler to treat head aches.

Otherwise, if clove oil is available, then it may be mixed with coconut oil, and a pinch of sea salt. The solution if massaged over the temples, is well known to provide instant relief.



The distinctively potent aroma that basil is associated with, is at times, considered enough to treat a splitting head ache.

The oil of basil is extensively used as a muscle relaxant, and hence alleviates headaches that are caused from excessive stress and tension. Otherwise, a handful of fresh basil leaves could be made into a tea, which sipped along, with a dabble of honey could prove to be refreshing and therapeutic in case of a headache.

Just chewing a few fresh leaves of basil are sure to relax those throbbing temples.



It is not for nothing that we have the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Apple, as well as apple cider vinegar is known to treat headaches, by restoring the acidic balance in our body.

The vapours of apple cider vinegar, mixed with hot water, when inhaled is said to be therapeutic remedy for a headache. Eating a portion of apple with a sprinkle of salt, or drinking a glass of warm water, mixed with a couple of teaspoon full of apple cider vinegar, may help in case of morning sickness, that often is accompanied with a headache.

6An overall healthy lifestyle

overall healthy lifestyle

Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and regular working out is sure to keep you relaxed and healthy in the long run.

A focused mind is always less prone to stress and and tension. In the same way a healthy body has a stronger immune system, thus been more resistant to infections and allergies.

Making a conscious effort to a healthy life is half the battle won. Time spent in fresh air is bound to get an added dose of oxygen circulating in your bloodstreams, thus resulting in a relaxed body and mind, and a more conscious soul.

By Abhro