Happiness makes life meaningful

life meaningful

We live our life to make it meaningful. When life becomes meaningful, happiness comes and that is what everybody aims in their life. So, how can we have a meaningful life. It is so simple, that when we come to the use of somebody in distress, our life becomes life meaningful. Life is not just to to live and end. It has to be useful for our fellow beings.

The attitude is what that makes us to be useful to others. We should have compassion towards the fellow beings, which will make their life also meaningful. Always ensure to help and support the not so fortunate. This gives a meaning to our life. We can see the brightness of hope in the other eye, when we lend a helping hand.

A Stanford research project in the year 2014 had explored the key differences between lives of happiness and meaningfulness. “The quest for meaning is a key part of what makes us human,” the researchers concluded. While lives of meaningfulness and happiness overlap, they are distinctly different, Stanford research states.

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“Happiness was linked to being a taker rather than a giver, whereas meaningfulness went with being a giver rather than a taker,” in a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Graduate School of Business said. “People have strong inner desires that shape their lives with purpose and focus – qualities that ultimately make for a uniquely human experience,” said Aaker.

Happiness alone cannot stand without many other values. Relationships, friendships, all matter in a meaningful life that brings happiness. When we have a beautiful relationship or an excellent friendship that adds a value to our life. The love and affection towards our dear ones will also adds to it. It is very much necessary to have good relationships to make our life more successful. Relationships give us happiness more than any material in the world.

The love towards the environment also matters while aiming for a meaningful life, because it helps in generating positive energy and healthy surroundings. We must remember that not just fellow humans but also all the living beings contribute to our happiness. You can see that even in your pet dog. How much it will be happy when you come back home after a long vacation. You can experience the vibration of love and affection from them also.

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Think about the happiness your spouse and children experience when you are back home after the office or when you recuperate from an illness. The flow of happiness is unlimited. But one thing we have to remember is that the happiness can be multiplied when our life becomes meaningful. Just see the ray of hope and experience the thankfulness, when you give food to a hungry person or a blanket to a person who is out there in the cold.

Pleasures make our life rosy and happy. It brings smile to our face. But remember, pleasures after a painful period is more joyous. Happiness comes only after struggle and hence we should ensure that we brighten-up hope and happiness in others life. This can bring multiples of happiness while making our life more meaningful. A meaningful life brings happiness for a long term.

Our excellent finances, luxury home and other precious items we poses can only bring happiness for us and our familly members. But when we help and support a needy person the gratitude expressed by them gives us the most beautiful moments of our life. But remember, that you should help others without expecting any returns and should comply what Lord Krishna has told in Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana,

Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani.

Meaning: You have the right to perform your actions but do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty.

Only this type of service makes your life meaningful and the eternal happiness can be experienced.

By Premji