International Stroke Day: Birth Control Pills Causes Stroke

Birth control pills causes stroke

Birth control pills have been using by women on large scale to avoid that unwanted pregnancy. Oral contraception has been the best option for women to save themselves from pregnancy as well as from various health problems.

However, according to a study, it has been found that along with obesity, smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes, oral contraception also is one of the important factors which exposes women to stroke.

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According to the experts, birth control pills causes stroke as they increase the risk of ischemic stores, occurs due to blood clotting which blocks blood vessels as well as plugs in the brain.

Additional Director at Neurointervention Surgery as well as a co-director at Stroke Unit, Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon in India, Vipul Gupta, as the contraceptive pills contain the high amount of estradiol content women who consume these pills regularly are at high risk of stroke.

He said that as these increases the blood pressure, it becomes, even more, worse during pregnancy as the high BP puts pressure on the heart. Apart from this, women who smoke regularly have always been recommended by the doctors to stay away from birth control pills as this also results in the higher risk of stroke.

A serious disorder of stroke causes medical emergency as it results in disability as well as premature death due to loss of blood flow to a certain part of brain absence of oxygen to brain cells causes the cells to die. Experts added that when brain cells begin to die in the condition of stroke, with the cells the capacities of that particular area of memory and muscle control are also gets lost.

According to the experts, as the blood flow to the brain stops, they cannot work as they don’t get enough oxygen supply to continue their function. The another type of stroke called as a hemorrhagic stroke caused due to the bursting of blood vessels in the brain.

Experts also said that in younger women, rheumatic heart diseases, as well as atrial fibrillation, are emerging as the important causes of stokes. To cure this stroke, various antiplatelet medicines. Along with various blood thinners can be used.

Stokes can pose a real threat to the patient’s life and can affect the person in both permanent and temporary stages. The successful recovery of stroke also follows specific rehabilitative abilities like speech therapy and physical therapy which helps the patient to learn the movements as well as coordination. To carry out routine daily exercises, occupational therapy also helps people to increase the ability to do their routine activities.

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By Prajakt K.