Stay healthy tips for lazy and busy office goers – Try for Easy Exercises

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Every morning I get ready for the office, take the bus and reach the office. I do not have time to do exercise. When I am back at home in the evening, I have my dinner and go to sleep. That is my daily workout. Due to continuous sitting I have back problem. How can I stay fit with this busy schedule?


Yes, the question is very much relevant for any working person. Time is the biggest problem for everyone. But, where there is a will there is a way. We can try smaller ways to stay fit, by doing easy exercises and taking care of our eating habits, that we never notice in our daily life. Here are the few easy exercise for office people, they can do easily while sitting in workplace.

Simple Tips To Stay Fit With Lesser Effort

Stay Fit Straight chair: While in office, choose a chair on which you can sit straight in order to get rid of back problem.

Walk When you Talk: Whenever you talk on your mobile, it is good to walk as, better said “Walk When You Talk”. Be sure you are not talking and walking on a busy road.

Relax your eyes: While working on the computer, it is necessary to give relaxation to the eyes. Close your eyes after every hour. Put your hand on eyes and feel free for a while.

Reduce calories: Reduce calories in your eatables. Try to take oil free food and more fruits. Avoid chocolates, cookies, fried food, etc. Reduce calories by following these simple tips in your daily life.

Eating Habits To Reduce Calories

Eating Habits Drink more water: Drink as much water as you can. Drink more water and maintain the sugar level in the body. It will also stabilize the blood pressure.

Green tea: Have green tea or hot water in place of cold drink and chilled water.

Avoid chilled water: Chilled and frozen items increase the amount of calorie in the body. It slows down your digestion process, because chilled water will thick the oily food and will affect your intestines.

Eat less, but eat often: Eat small portion of food, so that it easily gets digested and do not put too much gap. The more you will have gap more you will eat, which will affect digestion process.

Avoid sugary food: Too much consumption of sugar will affect the weight of the body. If you like sugar, then try to have more fruits in place of ice cream, etc. Honey is the best substitute of sugar.

Simple Excercising Tips

You can try for simple exercises of using stairs instead of using a lift, but keep in mind too much use of stairs can also harm your joints. While walking try to walk fast and move your arms forward and backward.

While sitting on a chair in the office or home, you can do some simple exercises like stretching of the shoulders, arms, legs, rotating your neck, etc. These simple exercises help you to feel relaxed.

Excercising TipsGet up and Down: When you are sitting on the chair, just get up and sit down in regular intervals. This itself is a simple exercise.

Stretch the shoulders: Shrug your shoulders to relax the neck and Inhale deeply and expand your shoulders, lifting them high to your ears. Hold for a few seconds and release.

Shake your head: Shake your head slowly in yes and no manner.

Arm Circulation: Loosen the hands and move circularly. Clench each fist, stretch and hand move. Move the hands in circles, 1st in one direction, and then in reverse circles.

Avoid long sitting: You can substitute walks for email or messages. Instead of emailing or messaging your colleague, walk over to the colleague.

Leg extensions: Extend your legs by grabbing the seat of your chair to brace yourself and extend your legs. Move it straight in front of you, so that they are parallel to the ground.

Stretch arms: Stretch your back with a big hug position. Hug your body, putting the both arms on the opposite shoulders. Breathe in and out and repeat in the opposite direction.

Cross arms: Cross your arms to the shoulders above the upper portion of your back. Extend one arm out. With the opposite hand, grab the elbow of the extended arms and pull it across your chest. Stretch your shoulder and upper back muscles.

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By: Shaveta Kandhari