Headache triggers – find out the causes of headache….

Headache triggers

Do you know the real cause of your headache? There are various causes of having a headache. It may be your improper eating habit, tension, not enough sleep, heredity factor, caffeine addicted, etc. Due to lots of tensions and work load 5 from 10 people are suffering from headache. People do not have a time to take proper rest, not having a food in time and enough time to refresh the mood. Know the reasons for having different Headache triggers that you get.

Headache Triggers


You may be thinking that how nature of the person can trigger the headache. Different person has different nature in this life. Some are silent or some are free from the mind. The person who is silent in nature that is not share their feelings may be suffering from headache problem. If person will not share their problem with another person, then he may be in stress and tension that cause headache.


Alcohol consumption and less consumption of water cause dehydration in the body. Dehydration causes fatigue, increase blood pressure and nausea, which in turns cause headache. Drink more water is the best solution for the cure of headache due to hydration.

3Skipping a meal

When you do not take your meal at the proper time or when you do not take lunch for a long time or overeating, all these habits of eating cause headache. So, never skip the food, even if you are busy with your work. Health is more important than anything in life.


No, doubt you may be thinking that whenever I feel headache my mother advise me to have coffee to refresh the mind. Yes, it is true that caffeine is used as medication for headache, but over consumption of caffeine is on regular basis cause headache. Whenever you eat anything, never eat it over in quantity.


Most of the time it said that more stress due to lots of work cause headache, but in turns idleness also creates tension in the mind. By this you start feeling that you are useless and don’t have anything. Different thought comes in mind that also cause a headache problem.


Some medication may cause headache. If you take medicine for the any other problem and your body feel low and headache, then take the advice of your doctor.


Long time sitting in front of TV or computers is responsible for headache. Brightness or stand in sunlight for a long time create pain in the muscles of the head and eyes. If you feel like this then take a break from the computer after every hour.


Loud and repetitive sound for some person cause headache. Even the lower sound like beep for a long time also affect the muscles and person start feeling irritated from that noise which in turns cause headache.

9Sleeping Patterns

If a person does not take proper sleep or sleep too much or don’t sleep in an odd position. It makes your muscles restless and cause headache.

10Food Sensitivities

Food and drink release neurotransmitters, which can cause headaches in some people. Triggers include alcohol, aspartame, caffeine, chocolate, cheese,etc.


Fragmented products are responsible for headache in some people. Products like air fresheners, perfumes, household cleaner, etc., cause headache. Fragmented products contain chemicals that cause the headache.

12Grinding teeth

Bruxin condition related to dental problem cause headache. In this person, Grind the teeth at night, that in turns contract jaw muscles and causes a dull headache.

13Pent-up anger

Anger causes the muscles in the back of your neck and scalp tense up, that cause a tight band of the muscles of the head and sensation around your head. That causes the tension headache.

So, what should you do?

Now you come to know about different headache triggers. Well, everyone is different. By knowing that what works for you and what doesn’t can help you avoid headaches in the future. Listen to your body. It’s smarter than you think! Experiment and see what works for you.

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-Shaveta Kandhari