Dandruff Vs Dry Scalp

dandruff vs dry scalp

Almost all people suffer from the various skin as well as hair diseases or disorders at some point in time in their life. While some can be minor such as getting acne, some can even be major like getting dandruff as well as dry scalp.

The problem of dandruff or dry scalp can only be known when the skin starts to itch, and you have to scratch it hard. There are differences between dandruff vs. dry scalp the symptoms of which people often ignore.

Although the condition dandruff and dry scalp do not provide you a lot of harm, it is important to get rid of it as early as possible. They not only can make you uncomfortable but may also cause further complications which in turn can cause loss of hair or hair damage. It is not that difficult to get relief from dandruff or dry scalp, and you can get rid of it quite easily by trying some effective techniques.

A large number of people still think that the problem of dandruff and dry scalp is the same or believe that dandruff is one of the symptoms of dry scalp. However, you should always keep in mind that both the disorders are different.

The primary cause of dry scalp is the lack of dead skin cell removal. You should know that just like the skin on other parts of the body, skin on your head also rejuvenates itself in the period of around every 24 days. However, it is important to remove the dead skin cells in time.

Here we have tried to provide you information about the key differences between dry scalp as well as dandruff which you should know. We have also tried to provide detailed information on its causes as well as how you can identify them differently.

So let’s discuss the both one by one.



You may feel that the problem of dandruff is occurred similar to dry scalp and causes the formation of flakes. However, in dandruff, these flakes formed due to the uncontrolled use of oil.

The formation of yeast is also an another major concern of formation of dandruff. If you use oil a lot, yeast can feed on the oil and start to grow as well as multiple.

As the yeast starts to consume all the oil from the scalp, it may cause the drying up of your scalp. This may result into clamping and flaking of the skin on the scalp. This is the main reason why people still believe that dandruff and dry are the same.

How to Identify Dandruff

If the flakes of your head are yellowish white in color, then it can be a sign of dandruff. If the skin flakes are more dried, they are more white in color. As dandruff can cause to the larger parts, they can be highly difficult to remove. If you experience any smell on your fingers after scratching your head, it can be a major sign of dandruff.

Causes of Dandruff

It is important to know all the major causes of dandruff so that you can be aware of how it appears. Some of the major causes of dandruff are listed below.

1. Hormonal imbalance

Some people do not have full control of their hormones, and they may start to grow rapidly or just stops to grow, which results in the imbalance in the hormonal structure. This may cause dandruff along with various other health conditions.

2. Lack of Nutrition

It is important to get enough amount of healthy nutrients to carry out important functions in your body. If your diet is not giving you required nutrients, you may get the problem of dandruff.

3. Stress

Stress due to professional working as well as personal lives also play a major role in causing dandruff, according to the experts.

4. Heredity

If you have the family history of dandruff, you are more at the risk of getting caused by dandruff.

5. Not Taking Enough Rest

It is highly important to take rest and sleep enough to live a healthy life. Lack of enough rest or sleep may cause the problem of dandruff. Thus, it is required to get good rest.

6. Poor Health

Sometimes the formation of dandruff can be a symptom of any underlying disease. If you are suffering from certain diseases, you may have a problem of dandruff.

7. Improper Use Of Hair Products

The problem of dandruff can even cause due to not using the hair products such as shampoo properly and not removing it entirely. If you are not doing it properly, you may have a bigger risk of causing dandruff.

8. Lack of Washing Of Hair

Although it is not required to wash your hairs every day, you should do it more frequently. It is important to wash off impurities from your hair in regular intervals to prevent infections as well as dandruff.

9. Uncontrolled Use Of Hair Products

Excessive use of hair conditioners as well as shampoos are also not recommended and may cause various hair as well as scalp problems. It is important to keep a check on the usage of hair products to make your hair healthy and strong. Following natural conditioners and shampoos is also recommended by the doctors to keep side effects away.

Dry scalp

Dry scalp

The condition of dry scalp is one of the common hair and skin problem. Here we have tried to provide details about the problem of dry scalp.

How to Identify Dry Scalp

In the condition of the dry scalp, itching of the scalp does not occur every day. You may experience itching when there are changes in weather or after visiting the places where seasons are entirely different. You may not experience any itching of scalp when the conditions are stable. In dry scalp, you may also face the condition of falling white flakes from your head.

Causes of Dry Scalp

Dry scalp can occur when you cope with the changes in weather which is opposite to dandruff which can be caused due to a lot of reasons. Lot of people face the condition of dry scalp whenever the season starts to change. Exposure to two different temperatures suddenly may also cause the condition of the dry scalp.

Treatment for dry scalp

Keeping your head and scalp hydrated most of the times is enough to get rid of dry scalps as well as dandruff. Other simple treatments you can consider to get rid of the dry scalp are listed below.

1. Let Your Scalp Breathe

Take a break and avoid using hair products for few days. This will help in providing the skin of your scalp to breath.

2. Use of Correct Hair Products

Using of hair products which will help your scalp to adjust to two different temperatures will help you in making the condition normal and prevent dry scalp. It is important therefore to use hair products with variety in moisturizing.

3. Do Not Scratch Your Head

It is perfectly understandable that you may want to scratch your hair as it becomes itchy. However, excessive itching may leave wounds on your scalp and can complicate the situation even more. You also will not feel to scratch your head until the flakes start to appear on your head.