Clarity in Thoughts and Meditation

Thoughts and Meditation

Most think of meditation as an orthodox, yet challenging posture, with breathing practices and harmonic recitation of spiritual chants. Simply explained to a beginner, it may be said to be a breathing exercise no doubt. Yet you may need to develop a habit of soothing, rustic imagination, which brings about relaxation to the mind and body.

It may be a fantastic ideal to fall asleep the first time around. Sleep is nothing but a form of pristine relaxation. An extension of meditation, if you may call it to be. So in the early days, if you are falling asleep, it may be beneficial for you, as it would mean that you are actually trying hard, which is never a bad idea. You may however need to hone your visualization skills. Clarity in thoughts and meditation, is what is the ultimate destination.

Guided meditation is another mean to the same goal. The internet is chock a block with recorded sessions, and live podcast. While some may even be specifically composed to bring about sleep, mostly sessions are to help you relax, and channelize your energies in the right direction. Different experts would have their own ways of capturing your imagination. Space travel and flight although, may be the most common techniques in practice.

Technique of Meditation

Technique of MeditationScience has proven it to us that regularly practicing meditation, brings about a positive change in your perceptive capacities, brain functions and concentration power.

Imagination can travel distances which no matter can achieve. If only one may master the method of channelizing the thoughts in one particular direction, building on content, in the process, then miracles are only a matter of word of mouth. Through mere imagination, you may be able to rid your conscience of all the negative energies, and fill up the reserves with the ever shining light of the lord. Even atheists may let go of their prejudices and try to believe in a superior force which refuels us every day. With your mind focused, steady breathing is only a natural outcome, carried out by involuntary motions of the muscles.

Essential Aspects of Meditation

1Location and Posture

Location and Posture

A quiet place is of the utmost importance for meditation. Concentration, imagination and breathing, are the three aspects that you may want to remember. Posture is important as well. You may not want to assume any posture, which would exert any additional stress on the body parts. Being, straight and relaxed is more important at the beginning, than trying any fashionable contortion. With time and experience, you may try out any recommended posture.

Early days, if imagination is hard to come by, then you may want to focus on your breathing. Try to keep the span of a single breath as uniform as possible. You may even choose to lay down on a hard surface, or stand if it pleases you.



Shut eyes promote healthy imagination. You may otherwise choose to stare at a source of light, any spiritual totem or picture, or even a black wall if it aids your concentration. Kick start the process with a few deep breaths, after which the breathing tends to return at a normal rate, as we become less conscious of it.

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The most important part of a successful session of meditation is your imagination. The thought process, as we may also refer to it as. Outer space or flight may be the usual channel that you assume.

The process of imagination is much like a journey, wherein you may require a more of transportation, and a place to begin. A peaceful place, where your mind and body is one, is thus required as a platform for the imagination process to commence. Subsequently, you build on your journey. The thoughts should not be forced into your mind. It should be approached as the flowing of a river, where water flows from higher to lower grounds.

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Sights and sounds are bound to be triggers to the imagination, and must be used to your advantage rather than as distractions. Everyday issues are bound to take hold of your thoughts.

Instead of pushing them away, you may want to float along with them, and in the process look for possibilities. Rather than obstacles. It is advised, although to keep the general direction of your thoughts to keep flowing in a direction, grasping and letting go of figments on the way, rather than decisively dwelling on anything specific. Easier said than done.

4Meditation and the Chakra System

Meditation and the Chakra System

Meditation is known to stimulate the chakras in our body. The chakras is a Vedic concept, which defines the various energy reserves of the body. The crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacrum and the base. These are the seven chakras present in the human body. Channelizing your energies is all about the uniform flow of vibrations through all the seven chakras.

By Abhro