Insomnia – The Causes

causes of insomnia

Insomnia, is not just an inability to sleep. It is, in fact, when this inability becomes a grave habit, that this specific term is used. The habit may be acute or chronic depending on the severity of its duration and frequency of its occurrence.

It may be further categorized as primary or secondary insomnia, depending on the whether the sleeplessness is an independent factor in your life, or dependent on some other medical condition.

The causes, thus may be classified as psychiatric, medical or other biological reasons, that is keeping you up all night.

Reading on ahead, you would find a very exclusive list, which may educate you on the causes of insomnia, that you may find beneficial for your own self, or someone near and dear.

Common Causes of Insomnia

1Intense Stress

Intense Stress

Stress needs no concrete reason to find itself a cozy spot in our lives. It is simply a state of mind which needs to be dealt with.

The reasons could be cited to be in plenty. A broken heart, overwork, fatigue, and the list could go on forever.

Whatever be the reason, one has to beat those blues, and try to get the symphony of their life, perfect to the last note.

2Maladies and medication

Maladies and medication

Illness, by themselves, are reasons good enough to deprive your life of those vital hours of sleep. A suffering part of the body can very easily disturb the optimum balance required to switch off your mind every night.

Medication, that you may be taking, might have, uncalled for side effects that may hinder the normal setting in of sleep. The doctors may, in such cases, prescribe sleeping pills for a short duration, so as to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

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3Disturbed Enviorment

Disturbed Enviorment

Factors such as noise, glare, or extreme weather conditions, might work against the elements of sleep, keeping you bleary eyed through out the night, and the next day.

We in the hurly-burly of our everyday life, often tend to overlook the importance of the ambient conditions for a good night’s sleep.

4Physical or mental discomfort

Physical or mental discomfort

The body may be suffering, or the mind may not be at peace. Either ways disturbance to sleep is almost a surety.

Physical injuries would have as adverse an effect on your sleep routine, as would depression and its sorts.

5Intervention in standard sleep schedule

standard sleep schedule

Shifting time zones and prolonged night shifts can ruin your natural sleep cycles and leave you a hypersensitive mess.

Proper acclimatization time must be provided, to get one accustomed to a new time zone. Similarly, in case of night shifts, one needs to break away from the inverted lifestyle, for extended periods in between, in order to maintain the healthy functioning of the body and mind.

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