Bruising Treatment: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Bruising Easily

bruising easily

Even though it is completely normal to get some bruises as well as bumps due to certain injuries, some people experience the problem of bruising easily without any reason. This condition is considered highly serious and may even prove fatal due to the excess loss of blood. Therefore, it is important to treat the condition of excess bruising in time.

Here we have tried to provide you all the important information about the problem of excessive bruising along with its causes as well as symptoms. Read on to get amazing information about various remedies to treat the problem.

What is Bruising?

What is bruising

Bruising is the condition which appears through various marks as well as bumps on the skin due to the injury to the soft tissues. According to the experts, most probably the injury occurs in the unbroken skin which is translucent and can be easily seen through the skin tissues. These bruising may cause spontaneous bleeding. Although the bleeding can start from anywhere in the body, it is most common in areas such as nose, digestive tract as well as mouth.

Even though the bleeding can be minor and should be solved with the help of proper treatment, sometimes it can prove fatal. Minor bleeding problems are considered life threatening if appears in brain.

What are the causes of easy bruising?

causes of easy bruising

Before getting information about the causes of easy bruising, you should know that the three things which are important in stopping the bleeding from the blood vessels. These includes, platelets, a cell like structure important for blood clotting, blood vessel narrowing as well as factors which helps in blood clotting such as protein produced by your liver. Lack of any of these aspects in the body may cause the problem of excessive bleeding as well as bruising.

Some disorders which may cause the deficiency of these products includes,

  • Defects in blood vessels
  • Disorders in platelets such as too few platelets, too much platelets as well as defects in the overall platelet functions.
  • Problems in blood clotting due the health conditions such as hemophilia, deficiency of vitamin K liver disorders or the consumption of certain drugs.

The appearance of small red or purple marks on the skin is the sign of platelet disorder. The bleeding will occur when the disorder turns severe. Defects in blood vessel does not causes bleeding usually. However, it may also trigger the appearance of purple spots as well as patches on your skin.
Easy bleeding can cause due to,

  • Severe deficiency of platelet
  • Drugs which reduces the clotting effect such as the condition of heparin or warfarin.
  • Various liver diseases.

Some of the less common causes includes,

  • The condition of hemophilia, in which body does not produce factors which are important for blood clotting in enough amounts.
  • Bleeding due to minor trauma in muscles, joints as well as the back of abdominal cavity. This may also trigger bleeding in the brain which can be life threatening.

What are the symptoms of bruises?

symptoms of bruises

The problem of bruises can be recognized with the identification of certain symptoms. These major symptoms includes,

  • Unexplained sudden weight loss
  • Unexplained nose bleeding
  • Chronic excessive menstrual blood flow
  • Prolonged bleeding after a minor cut, surgeries as well as dental procedures. Bleeding will also occur during tooth brushing as well as flossing.
  • Appearance of tiny red or purple bumps as well as patches or the widened blood vessels which can be seen on mucus membranes as well as on skin.

What vitamin is good to prevent bruising?

vitamin is good to prevent bruising

Vitamins which you should consume to prevent the problem of bruising as well as excessive blood loss are listed below.

● Vitamin K

Vitamin K play a vital role in the process of blood clotting. Vitamin K, which is fat soluble, works primarily for producing blood platelets which helps in allowing coagulation of blood and helps in preventing bleeding.

● Vitamin C

Vitamin C, which is a water soluble vitamin, helps in strengthening the immune system and wards off the infections. It is helpful in preventing bleeding as it is highly helpful in promoting the formation of collagen, which plays a main role in strengthening as well as maintaining the body tissues along with the blood vessels.

● Vitamin E

Vitamin E also highly helpful in preventing the skin bruises by regulating blood vessels functions. It also helps in rebuilding as well as repairing the damaged cells. As it is an antioxidant in nature it helps in healing as well as preventing the appearance of bruises on the skin.

● Zinc

Zinc, one of the important mineral, is highly helpful in building as well as a development of healthy skin tissues. Zinc also plays a key role in wound healing. Lack of zinc is also considered as one of the main reason of slow healing of bruises as well as excess bleeding.

What are the natural remedies to get rid of easy bruising?

 natural remedies to get rid of easy bruising

Some of the major home remedies which you can consider while getting rid of excessive bleeding as well as bruising are listed below.

● Cold compress

Applying cold compress, such as ice packed in cloth, helps in reducing the swelling as well as pain caused due to the injury.

● Arnica

Arnica is a plant which is found in the Rocky Mountains. Arnica is an amazing gel which can provide a lot of benefits in reducing bruising, sprains as well as muscle soreness.

● Aloe vera

Aloe vera is also considered a useful plant to reduce the skin irritation due to various diseases. You can apply the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf on the affected area till it gets dry and then rinses it off with the help of water.

● Bilberry extract

Even though bilberry is known for improving vision and optical health, it is also helpful in removing bruising by stabilizing collagen as well as strengthening the capillaries due to the presence of anthocyanosis, which are potential antioxidants.

● Bromelain

The consumption of bromelain is highly recommended for the severe and deeper soft tissue injuries. It is highly useful in removing the metabolic water from the injuries. You can consume bromelain around three times a day on an empty stomach.

By Prajakt K. 

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