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cellulite massager

Cellulite or the excess fats are the condition, in which the skin gets a lumpy and dimpled appearance. Even though the appearance of cellulite is more common on thighs as well as buttocks, it might appear in various other areas of the body as well. The problems of cellulite have other various names as well, such as cottage-cheese skin, hail damage, orange-peel skin and mattress phenomenon.

Although the problem of cellulite buildup is more common in women than men due to the variations in the distribution of fats, connective tissues as well as muscles, the accumulation of cellulite can take place for both women as well as men. It has been statistically proven that around 80-90 percent of women face the problem of cellulite at some point in time in their lives.

To counter this condition you can use some of the best cellulite massagers, which can give you effective solution in removing the cellulite from the body. However, it is also important to look for the perfect cellulite massager, which will be quite helpful to your body. You may also try various other domestic ways to reduce cellulite buildup from your body.

Here, we have tried to provide detailed information about the problem of cellulite buildup on the body along with its causes as well as symptoms. We have also listed some of the best cellulite massagers, which you can consider reducing cellulite accumulation on the body. Read on to know some of the amazing home remedies to get rid of cellulite at home.

But first, it is important to know what cellulite actually is.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite, basically, is the fat, which is accumulated in the connective tissues of the skin. Presence of cellulite causes the uneven skin surface as the fat cells push the skin outwards and skin tissues pull it inward. This uneven surface on the skin resembles as the big dimples on your skin.

As mentioned earlier, cellulite is not the rare problem and around 80-90 percent of women face the problem of cellulite all across the globe. You can different measures to get rid of the cellulite by trying different methods such as cellulite massager as well as various home remedies to reduce cellulite build-up on your body.

There are various causes of accumulation of cellulite takes place on your skin. Here, we have tried to list out some of the major causes of the cellulite build-up on your skin.

What causes cellulite?

Even though the exact cause of cellulite accumulation is still unknown, according to the experts, it takes place due to the malfunctioning between the connective tissues as well as the dermatological layer, which is present the surface of the skin along with the layer of the fat, which is placed just below it.
In women, the structure of this buildup is vertical and may create a lot of problems if the fat cells start to protrude. On the other hand, in men, the buildup placed is criss-cross structure and this is also the reason why men do not cause cellulite buildup compared to women.

Some of the other major causes of the cellulite buildup are as follows.

1. Age & Hormonal Factors

One of the factors, which plays a key role in the development of cellulite on the body is the changes in your hormonal structure. Some of the hormones such as estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, prolactin as well as thyroid hormones are important for the process of cellulite buildup.

Lower blood circulation in the area due to the decrease in estrogen results in the production of low collagen. Fat cell enlargement also takes place due to the falling of the estrogen level. This results into the raising the visibility of the fat deposits.

Along with this, weakening of the connective tissues also causes that dimpling effect on the skin.

As you age, the skin starts to become more saggy by losing its elastic and becomes thinner. This also raises the chances of development of cellulite.

2. Genes

The genetic aspects linked to a person’s speed of metabolism, ethnicity, circulatory levels as well as the distribution of the fats can raise the risk of the development of cellulite on the body. It is important to note that certain genes play an important role in the development of cellulite.

3. Diet and lifestyle changes

Improper dietary habits such as the uncontrolled consumption carbohydrates, salt and less consumption of fiber cause a large amount of cellulite development.
The process of development of cellulite is also more common in smokers and the people who do not exercise at all. People, who sit or stand in one posture for long period of times are also on the risk of cellulite development.

Tight underwear may cause problems in the blood circulation. This can also be one of the reasons behind the accumulation of cellulite on the skin.

It is important to note that even though cellulite is more common in skinny people, it can also take place in people who have a slim and fit body. The most common age, in which cellulite can take place is around 25 years. It may cause to a person in any age-range.

What are the symptoms of cellulite?

The common symptom of cellulite includes dimpled or bumpy skin. The visibility of cellulite can be checked by pinching the skin of the cellulite affected area such as your thighs. Severe problem of cellulite makes the whole area looking extremely rumpled as well as bumpy.

As mentioned earlier, even though the problem of cellulite is more common in thighs and buttocks, it can also appear in the lower abdominal area as well as upper arms.

How to Treat Cellulite?

There are number of ways which can be used in removing cellulite from the connective tissues, which is present under the skin surface. Some of the major ways to remove cellulite are as follows.

  1. Laser Treatment
  2. Acoustic wave therapy
  3. Subcision
  4. Carboxytherapy
  5. Ultrasonic liposculpting

1. Laser treatment

With the help of laser treatment, you may be helpful in removing the appearance of the cellulite for a period of a year or more. In this method, a small laser probe is inserted under the skin and then the laser is getting fired.
This laser then removes the cellulite in the tissues and promotes the production of collagen. This is very helpful in reducing the appearance of the cellulite, which is present below.

2. Acoustic wave therapy

In this technique, a handheld device is required for transmitting the sound waves. Even though it is effective, it may take a number of sessions.

3. Subcision

In the process of subcision, a needle is inserted in the skin under the expert guidance of the dermatologist. This needle is used to break the bands of the connective tissues. The results received from the process of subcision can exist for the period of around 2 years.

4. Carboxytherapy

This process involves the releasing of carbon dioxide under the skin. Although it is effective, it contains various side effects. The side effects include, bruising as well as discomfort after the procedure.

5. Ultrasonic liposculpting

Various experts have claimed that the process of ultrasonic liposculpting helps in destroying the fats. However, there is still a scope for research in this area as there are no significant proofs available on the effectivity of the ultrasonic liposculpting.

Removing cellulite at home

There are also various home remedies which you can try to get rid of the cellulite buildup on your skin. Here, we have provided a list of some of the major natural remedies which may prove beneficial in natural cellulite removal.

  1. Apple Cider Vinega
  2. Green Tea
  3. Ginkgo Biloba
  4. Water
  5. Tomato Paste

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

To use apple cider vinegar for natural cellulite removal, try the method provided below.

  • Mix apple cider vinegar and honey with water and rub it on the affected areas.
  • Now take the warm water and rinse with the help of it. This will be helpful in reducing the appearance of the cellulite.

You can also make a body wrap using apple cider vinegar, to do that,

  • Mix water as well as apple cider vinegar in equal amounts and then rub it on the area.
  • Than take a plastic and wrap the area beneath it.
  • Also, cover the area with a warm towel.
  • Now rinse it properly.
  • This might prove helpful in reducing the effects of cellulite.

2. Green tea

Regular consumption of green tea helps in speeding up the metabolism and promotes the burning of fats in the body. According to the experts, drinking 3 cups of green tea everyday helps in burning around 80 calories.

3. Ginkgo Biloba

Since ancient times, this plant has been used in various medicinal activities. This plant plays a major role in improving the blood circulation in the body, which is necessary for the more plain and glowy skin texture. Better circulation also helps in providing more cellulite to the muscle tissue, which will be burned to generate energy.

4. Water

Being fully hydrated is also highly important when it comes to making your skin healthy and glowy. You can also opt for consuming foods which are rich in water such as cucumber, melons, watermelon as well as green leafy vegetables. Another additional benefit of consuming these food products is that they are highly low in calories, which might help you in reducing cellulite by losing weight.

5. Tomato Paste or Tomato

Lycopene is present in tomato, which is an essential nutrient in breaking down of the collagen in the skin. Even though you can use tomato paste for natural removing cellulite, it is recommended to use tomato paste made by you at your home.

Best Cellulite Massager

You can also make the use of cellulite massager to reduce the accumulation of cellulite from your body. Cellulite massager helps in providing better effectivity in reducing cellulite by lowering down the physical stress. This is due to various types of heads it provides to provide the effective massage.

Due to the variety of heads on this massagers, you can try different massages and can get some of the amazing benefits in reducing the accumulation of cellulite on the skin. Some of the features of the cellulite massagers include,

● Getting a deeper massage using various power options as well as vibrations helps in getting effective cellulite reduction due to the vibrations the machine produces.

● The cellulite massager is also helpful in increasing the blood supply as the effective vibration from the massager helps in attracting more blood from different parts of the body.

● The tissues which may feel highly hard due to cellulite buildup will feel like getting an effective workout.

Some of the amazing choices of cellulite massagers have been listed below, which you can consider for better treatment on cellulite removal.