Cardio Based Workouts

Cardio based workouts

A cardio workout may not always be about running or rowing. Here we present to you a list of heart pumping exercises, which would not only burn some unwanted calories, but will also get you some much needed cardiovascular training.

Read on ahead all about Cardio based workouts, and bask in the glory of a healthy life.

Alternative Cardio Workouts



You need to bend from waist down, with your hands on the ground, while your hips and torso are firm and stable.

Do a crawling motion with your hands, with your legs straight. Once you reach at the high plank position, crawl back quickly towards your feet and stand up.

2Power skip

Power skip

Raise one of your knees, even as you are bringing your opposite arm forward.

Do a hopping motion on the foot that you are standing on, and land on the ball of the for.

Immediately bring the raised foot down, and repeat the motion the other way around.



As you stand, your legs should be spread wide apart, while one foot, say your right one, should be slightly forward than the other one.

Perform a punch up motion with your right hand, while your left hand makes a waving motion, as if to distract an opponent in combat.

The exercise may be performed, the other way around as well.

4Mountain climber twist

Mountain climber twist

The starting point for this exercise is a high plank position, wherein you would have to attempt a stationary crawl, with your left knee moving toward your right elbow and vice-versa.

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5High knees

High knees

The stance needs to be wide, as you pull up one knee at a time towards your chest.

If done as quickly as possible, then the results are bound to be optimized.

6Plank Jacks

Plank Jacks

Start the workout at a high plank position. With your core stiff, as you push your lower body up, in a jumping motion, while the feet are kept apart.

Repeat the jumping motion, while you get your feet back together.

7Butt Kicks

Butt Kicks

Keep your torso and hips stable. With a small hopping motion bring your heels up towards your glutes, one leg at a time.

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Stand in a wide posture, with your knees slightly bent.

Make a jumping motion towards the right with your right foot, making sure that you land on the ball of the heel, on your right foot, even as you sweep the left foot behind the right leg.

Try your best not to put any weight on the trailing leg, even as you repeat the motion the other way around.

By Abhro