Beginner Barre Workout at Home for Health and Fitness

barre workout at home

Barre workouts are ballet-inspired fitness regime. It incorporate ballet’s piles and pirouettes into its fitness routine. Barre mixes elements from Ballet, Pilate, Yoga and other trainings. It has a handrail and the exercises revolves around balancing and movements with the same. It improves stamina, flexibility and strength. So lets learn some beginner barre workout at home for health and fitness. Barre is considered as a full body workout involving some wonderful dance moves and it improves flexibility like a ballet dance.

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Beginner Barre workout at home for health and fitness include:

1- Standing hip extension:

Standing hip extensionThis exercise targets butt, hip and knee largely. It also involves strength and balance. Proceed as below:

– Stand knee to knee, the inner things must join together.
– On one of your knee place a ball behind, just that you may hold it with your leg.
– Start with both the knees touching each other. And stand upright with belly pulled up, inner things firm and joined together.
– Now with the leg having the ball pull your feet inwards, engage your hamstring. Now press heel and ball back so as touching the outer thigh, proceed ten times.
– Repeat with other leg.

2- Leg Lifts:

Leg Lifts– Stand with your feet together, chest lifted and abdomen drawn in.
– Raise arms in front until shoulder height.
– Now bend your elbows to 90 degree
– In one motion bend your right knee and lift your leg to hip height. And lower your arms to your waist all proceeding together.
– Return to starting position and switch sides to proceed again

3- Barre Pilate Fusion:

Barre Pilate Fusion– Grab a chair and roll out your yoga mat below
– The chair must be such that you hold the chair and your feet rests on yoga mat
– Now holding the chair proceed with pulling yourself up on your heels
– Make ballet position of holding the chair by bend down making a deeper knee bend, making a narrow V from the legs.
– Keep repeating for a few minutes for this barre pilate fusion

4- Sumo cat

Sumo catIt is a great way to warm up your spine and core.

– Stand upright with feet wider than your hip distance
– Toes pointing to 1 and 11 o clock
– Draw hips behind you, towards the chair, keeping weight in your heels
– Make sure knees are stacked over ankles
– As you exhale scoop your core and round through your spine
– As you inhale lift your tail bone and slightly lift your gaze forward
– Repeat for some time
– Additionally you may proceed with Sumo squats for more strength training and supreme balance workout

5- Horse pose:

Horse poseThis is an excellent ballet pose which helps in balance and flexibility.

– Hold the chair from one hand and stand adjacent to the chair
– Take the other leg away making it 2 and 10 o clock from both the legs
– Bend knees and slide down as if there is a wall behind your back
– Repeat for some time

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6- Boat Pose:

Boat Pose

– Sit on the floor with hand behind thighs
– Open your legs to a straight line making 90 degree angle in air, with your body and legs raised.
– Exhale and release legs
– now inhale and bend with hands behind thighs
– Make a wide V and repeat

7- Calf Raises:

Calf Raises

– Stand at arms length from chair, holding chair from back
– Put right hand on chair for resting and support.
– Now move your feet into a V position with heels together toes apart.
– Meanwhile lift your left arm overhead, while holding on to chair with right hand
– Keep your elbow rounded and bending forward at the waist
– Without moving your lower back, squeeze your thighs and raise your heels.
– Lower your back again on the floor and repeat a few times

8- Back Dancing:

Back Dancing

– Lie down facing up, on the yoga mat
– Keep your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
– Step both the feet apart as wide as possible
– Rest your arms on the floor at your sides
– Press ribs into the floor such that your seat raises above with a tilted torso
– Move until 5” high and come back to starting position gently
– Repeat a few times

Add some more fun and fitness with dumbbells and make gentle movements with the same exercises. This would give added balance and flexibility.

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Some precautions and safety tips for proceeding with barre at home:

before exercises

1- Wear suitable athletic gear and well padded soles for support while lifting arch off the ground
2- Warm up well before exercises to avoid sprains and muscular fatigue
3- Wear comfortable clothes appropriate for workouts
4- Do not exercise early morning on empty stomach. Also do not indulge soon after meals
5- Do check with your healthcare provider for your fitness and body strength

Benefits of Barre workout at home:

Barre workou

1- Barre is the best core workout which focuses on deep down every inch of your muscles
2- It helps in improving balance and total body posture
3- It increases your body flexibility
4- It helps your muscles to get enriched and work accurately
5- It is a low impact exercise, as it does not let you loose your breath but it does make you sweat and shed some body weight
6- The injury risk involved is low as it gives some support in the form of chair and makes the body balance strong

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Beginner Barre workout

The above compilation on, “Beginner Barre workout at home for health and fitness” is based on readings and learnings in addition to the experiences of barre added with fun and fitness. Some of the barre exercises are known for their core training. Proceed with caution and precaution, and do check with your health care provider or fitness coach for more.

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Minu Manisha