Banting Diet : All You Want to Know About Banting Diet

Banting diet

Balanced diet has always been considered as one of the best ways to lose weight and to keep yourself healthy and fit. While most of times it has been suggested that including fat in your diet may not provide enough results, the concept of banting diet plan does the opposite. The Banting diet adds fats into your everyday diet and claims that it helps in getting effective weight loss.

Here we have tried to provide all the information about the concept of Banting diet along with the best 7-day Banting diet meal plan you can get while following it. Read on to get details about the foods which you should eat in the Banting diet.

What is Banting diet?

What is banting diet

Banting diet basically is a plan which promotes the consumption of real foods instead of processed as well as refined foods. The name of this diet is based on William Banting, the person behind the concept of Banting diet and provided the meal plan of the consumption of foods which are low in carbohydrates and high in fat for weight loss in 1861.

However, the concept of Banting diet gets its popularity from the preparation of Atkins Diet in 1972 by Dr. Robert Atkins. Since then, the William Banting low carb diet has received a large applause from people all over the globe for its instant weight loss benefits.

Banting diet offers a 7-day Banting diet plan which is basically a Banting diet plan for beginners. It is important to keep in mind that unlike paleo diet, Banting diet does consist dairy products in small amounts. The 7-day meal plan for Banting diet is as follows,

● Day 1


  • 2 poached eggs
  • Few slices of bacon along with tomato


  • Large salad along with desired protein such as chicken or steak.


  • Almond butter with apple slices


  • Fresh veggies like spinach and pumpkins with pulled pork
  • A small tub of Greek cream or yogurt.

● Day 2


  • Some fruits
  • Eggs and bacon


  • Sauted blanched vegetables in pre-made and reheated form


  • Can of tuna


  • Grass fed steak
  • Green leafy vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli

● Day 3


  • Coconut milk smoothie
  • Banana pancakes


  • Soup in reheated form or you can store it in thermas after preparation.


  • Greek yogurt


  • Roast chicken
  • Greek salad

● Day 4


  • Coconut milk with berries and mixed nuts
  • Greek yogurt


  • Bacon, lettuce, and tomato with lettuce wrap instead of bread


  • Eggs, hard boiled


  • Grilled fish
  • Spinach and pumpkin

● Day 5


  • Eggs along with steak


  • Meats and veggies with cold cuts and stuffed


  • Avocado, which is high in HDL which is a good fat and regenerates the energy.


  • Fresh vegetables
  • Grilled chicken breast

● Day 6


  • Sweet potato hash browns
  • Eggs


  • Bell pepper sandwich instead of bread.


  • Almonds with biltong


  • Dried bacon wrapped in meatloaf

● Day 7


  • Scramble of eggs or vegetables or mean


■ Leftover dinner


  • Almonds with blueberries


  • Chicken or beef with vegetable stirred in olive oil
  • Avoid using sunflower or any vegetable oil.

Is banting the best weight loss diet?

banting the best weight loss diet

There are few things in the consumption of Banting diet. It is linked with eating clean and fresh foods. It also makes sure that your diet is high in fat and low in carbs. While following this diet, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of fruits, grains as well as sugar along with unnecessary snacking. Following the Banting diet plan brings change in your eating habits as well as meal plan which results into the shedding of excess fat from the body.

Banting diet eating plan also helps in eliminating refined grains, artificial sweeteners as well as additives along with oils which are filled with omega 6 or omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in raising the nutrients level in the body by providing vegetables which are high in nutrients such as beetroot.

It has been found that although the fats increase your weight, good fats are actually helpful in reducing your weight. Consumption of carbs is the main culprit behind your weight gain. Hence, limiting the consumption of carbs and eating a lot of good fats helps in triggering the weight loss in your body along with providing the required number of calories to the body and not starving.

What to eat on the Banting diet?

eat on the banting diet

It is highly important to consume healthy foods while following the Banting diet concept. Some of the major kinds of foods which you should eat in Banting diet are as follows.

● Consume animal fat

This is an important thing while following the Banting diet process. Fats from the animal diet helps in preventing overeating and keeps you full for a long time. Consumption of right amount of animal fat is always beneficial in Banting diet.

● Consume enough vegetable 

It is also recommended to increase the consumption of vegetables in your diet. You should eat green vegetables with every meal as they are low in carbs and high in health-friendly nutrients.

● Cut snacks

It is also important to limit your snack consumption. However, you are free to eat snacks which are given above in the 7-day meal plan and which are associated with Banting diet. It has been found that once the weight loss process starts, you just don’t need to eat snacks. So just avoid snacking from day one to get rid of poor health.

● Limit protein too

It is not good to eat anything beyond its required limits regardless of its importance. Even though protein is highly important for the body, it is important to keep your focus more on a low carb healthy diet. Consumption of high protein is just not at all necessary. Just maintain healthy protein intake for proper health care.

● Avoid over or under eating

It is highly important to make a perfect balance in the Banting diet consumption. You should not eat beyond the required amounts and at the same time, you should not starve yourself. However, you may get along with it once you start the banting, though you may struggle at the start. Just remember the moment you feel satiated, just avoid eating food and forcing to push food into the stomach.
Final thoughts on taking Banting diet for healthy living

Avoid over or under eating

Banting is highly helpful in reducing the excess weight and keeping yourself fit and strong. It is also helpful in limiting the cholesterol in your body. Trying easy Banting diet plan for a week help you in getting just what it is required for proper weight loss.

However, Banting diet does not contain sugar so you may feel the reduced amount of energy and may feel hungry at night. However, following food exercising regime consist of yoga and meditation along with following the banting diet helps you in relaxing yourself controlling your hunger.

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