Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles

ayurvedic treatment for piles
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Piles has been considered as one of the most painful and at the same time embarrassing condition. People still find it really difficult to talk about the disease and simply endure the pain caused due to it without talking about it to the doctors. However, it is important to get proper treatment for the problem of piles before it becomes too late. Even though piles can be treated with the help of chemically-filled medicines, opting ayurvedic treatment for piles is always recommended.

Here we have tried to provide all the details about the problem of piles along with its causes as well as symptoms. Read on to know more about some of the best ayurvedic treatment for piles which you can try.

What are Piles?

What are piles
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Piles, which are more commonly known as hemorrhoids, is the problem, in which the inflammation or the enlargement of the veins placed at the lower end of the rectum occurs. As the pressure starts to increase on the rectum as well as anus, the pressure also starts to build on the veins. These inflamed veins may cause rectal bleeding as well as pain.

This condition is more common in older people and people suffering from the problem of constipation. Piles is also caused by the straining during the problem of constipation.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are classified into two main parts, internal and external hemorrhoids. While internal hemorrhoids, which develops at the internal lining of the rectum, are quite painless as they cannot be felt, the hemorrhoids, which develops externally not only are visible but also highly painful. They can even cause bleeding after inflammation.

Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

Constipation has always been considered as one of the common cause of hemorrhoids. The straining action in constipation causes the problem and therefore is one of the common cause of hemorrhoids. However, hemorrhoids can also cause due to various other conditions such as,

  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Genetic constitution
  • Condition such as dysentery
  • Increasing weight of uterus and constipation especially during pregnancy.

Major Symptoms of hemorrhoids

One of the common symptom of hemorrhoids is pain. The feeling of considerable pain in the rectal region is the common symptom of hemorrhoids. With pain, you may also experience irritation. While reaching out at the rectum, you may also feel protrusion is releasing out of the rectum. The pain can be increased if you try to clean the area, which is swollen and irritated. When you feel such intolerable pain, it is an initial sign of the problem of hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoid is confirmed when you find blood in your stools.

Ayurveda and Piles

Ayurveda and Piles
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Ayurveda offers various major treatment on some of the deadly diseases such as cancer. Ayurveda also provides treatment on the problem of piles. However, ayurveda approaches piles through various means such as herbal supplementation, exercise, medication, diet, lifestyle changes and even massage. As the main cause of hemorrhoid is constipation, Ayurveda is more focused on treating the digestive problems. It also acts on treating the symptoms, if you are already suffering with the problem of piles and helps in improving the overall quality of your life.

Some of the major ayurvedic medicines for piles are provided below.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Piles

In ayurveda, two major herbs, which are considered good in treating the problem of piles, are Haritaki and Jimikand. These two herbs are also helps in improving your overall digestive health.

Ayurveda also suggest the moderation in your diet on the permanent basis for the effective treatment of the problem of piles. For doing this, ayurveda suggest to avoid starchy food items such as potato, colocasia and yellow pumpkin. Adding more fiber to your diet can be helpful in reducing the pain due to piles. Constipation can be easily prevented by adding mango seeds as well as sesame.

Consumption of foods such as jambul, amalaki, dried figs as well as papaya can help in softening the stools. You can also opt for vegetables such as radish, onions, bitter gourd, ginger and turnip also provides relief to the condition of constipation. You can continue this diet with rice as well as wheat as they are considered as dietary staples.

Making major lifestyle changes can also be one of the remedy to treat the problem of piles. Colon cleansing once in awhile along with regular exercising is also important. Leading a healthy sex life is also important as abnormal sex life can cause an aggravation of the symptoms of piles. Sitting for long periods of time should also be avoided and it is important to take soft cushioning while sitting. Drinking lot of water also helps in softening the stools.

One of the biggest advantage of ayurvedic treatment for piles is that it helps in saving you from surgery and also treats the symptoms as well as conditions with the help of natural treatments. Recently, an Ayurvedic experts team has also developed a new formula, which can be highly helpful in treating the problem of hemorrhoids permanently with all the natural treatments. It not only stops the inflammation but also helps in reducing the pain as well as bleeding associated with piles or hemorrhoids. The treatment is 3-month long for both bleeding as well as non-bleeding conditions of piles as well as chronic constipation. Getting the treatment is definitely helpful in getting the quality treatment for the problem of hemorrhoids as well as its various deadly symptoms.