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Abhro Bhattacharjee
The World is Wide and Webbed. We are Health Spectra

Life Style

Yes, preparing mineral water at home involves pretty simple process. But why mineral water It is because it is considered as the healthiest kind...

workout of the day

“Can I ever strengthen my knees and gain knee flexibility like before?” This one question haunts people with knee pain. Yes, of course! You can...

Weight Loss Tips

Cellulite or the excess fats are the condition, in which the skin gets a lumpy and dimpled appearance. Even though the appearance of cellulite...

Yogasana of the day

Constipation is one of the least talked about health issue despite the fact that it can be very unhealthy and for some people a...

Ask an Expert

We can say that coffee has been the most confusing drink since its discovery. Although the drink just gives you the feeling of refreshment,...
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