5 Ways to Bust Stress

ways to bust stress

The need for relaxation may be said to be at an all time high. We might not realize it, tangled up within the confines and the intricacies of our daily lives, and stress creeps onto us like bees onto a comb.

There would be a host of guided procedures that you may come across online. To each, its own, no matter how cliched it may sound, we nonetheless bring to you 5 ways to bust stress.

Read on ahead, and above all realize, you are stressed out. We all are.

Tips to Deal with Stress



Only a few precious, initially precarious moments spent every day meditating may work wonders for your anxiety. Studies have proved, that regular meditation, may in fact change for good the neural pathways of your brain, thus making you more resilient towards stress.

The sheer simplicity of the whole process might make you wonder initially, as to why you are unable to get your concentration going. Persistence is sure to pay off.

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2Breathing Practice

Breathing Practice

This is more like meditation on the go. Your stress levels may stop you from meditating. Deep, and deliberately slow breathing may just be your answer to stress. Even amidst chaos, you may choose to indulge in some deep breathing, just to get your bearings together. More regular practicing is sure to yield sterner results.

You only need to make sure that you are breathing in deep and allowing the breath to rise from your abdominal region. In that case, all the vital points around your torso are activated, thus releasing the accumulated stress. Yes that is exactly how stress works.

3The Awareness Therapy

The Awareness Therapy

Just been aware of your body and mind, may help you deal with acute stress experienced during crunch situation. Knowing your heart rate, the threshold of your nerves, your breathing control, and your mind and body coordination may go a long way in keeping your anxiety levels under check.

Besides, an overall sense of awareness towards the body, strengthens your immune system, and increases your agility towards any appearance of symptoms of any maladies.

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4Reaching Out

Reaching Out

The stress levels in our system may reach such levels that self help practices may not be an option after all. Your social circle just may be the next best thing you have at your disposal to deal with stress. Family, friends, colleague.

Just talking your situation out with someone whom you trust may be the ultimate relief. There are times when we might withdraw into a shell, intimidated by the situation at hand. Help coming our way from the society around us is best what we could hope for, for the thought of reaching out just may not cross our mind.

5Music and Laughter

Music and Laughter

Anything that helps in distracting your mind from the stressful situation may be considered to be a remedy for stress. The Music itself, celebrated through songs over the ages, have proved to be the saviour of man and woman alike, in their time of depression and dilemma, since time immemorial.

Laughter often plays a similar role in your life. There might not be any reason for you to laugh out loud, every now and then, and give those around you a pleasant jolt. Provided you have your sarcastic tooth going.

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By Abhro