Home Remedies for Asthma

Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma, as you already know is a severe eruptive disease, that effects the air passage system in your body. Breathing trouble is the paramount symptom of the disease, if you may call it to be a symptom, due to its dominance in this case.

What makes the malady all the more worse, is that it does not differentiate between the old and the young. An adolescent is as likely to contract a chronic case of Asthma, as are people past their middle age.

The cure known for the disease, only provides relief from the symptoms, whereas complete eradication may either be an impossibility, or require strict discipline from the patient’s side. These home remedies for Asthma, although may provide some momentary relief, with minimum of side effects. When and if imbibed into your daily life, they may even help you in getting rid of the malady for good.

Natural Tips for Asthma Cure

1Clove For Asthma


Boil 4-5 whole cloves in half a glass of water and drink it up, mixed with a spoonful of honey. If consumed twice every day, then the therapeutic effects of the concoction may go a long way in curing your asthmatic condition.

2Ginger For Asthma


The benefits of ginger for your health are multiple. Asthma may just be considered to be a singular page in the vast repertoire.

Ginger could be made into a juice, and consumed along with equal proportions of pomegranate juice and honey. Otherwise, a tablespoon full of ginger juice may be mixed with dried fenugreek seeds, and the concoction left to rest overnight. Consuming it every morning, helps in detoxifying your lungs.

3Mustard Oil for Asthma

Mustard Oil

Some mustard oil mixed with camphor, if massaged over the chest region is a surefire way to relief from Asthma. The oil may be warmed before adding camphor to it, as the latter will dissolve easily and the heat will provide the extra bit of relief.



Figs are known to be an effective domestic remedy for Asthma. Some dried figs soaked overnight in water, when consumed first thing in the morning can prove to be therapeutic for Asthma. Even the water that is left over is said to beneficial.

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5Black Tea and Coffee

Black Tea and Coffee

Caffeine is a renowned cure for Asthma. The air passages are cleared, making way for congestion free breathing. Care should be taken in not over consuming, as caffeine is known to have its set of side effects.

6Eucalyptus Oil for Asthma

Eucalyptus Oil

The essential oil of eucalyptus is sure to lend more than a helping hand in curing Asthma. A few drops of eucalyptus oil in a cup o boiling water, could be inhaled to steady your breathing process and clear away the air passages responsible for respiration.

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It does not get safer and better than honey, when it come to natural remedies for Asthma. A teaspoon full of honey, mixed in hot water could be consumed multiple times daily, and the effects are known to be immediate and drastic.

Otherwise, honey may be mixed in equal proportions of cinnamon powder, and the concoction consumed before bedtime is therapeutic as well.



Onions have anti-eruptive properties, and are known to be helpful in stabilizing the breathing process. An asthmatic is always advised to consume more and more of onions. Never mind bad breath.

By Abhro