9 Must Know Oily Skin Care Tips For Women

Oily Skin Care Tips

Different people have different types of skin-normal,dry and oily. Some have oily skin and it may produce too much of oil in the skin and you may feel dissatisfied with the appearance of the skin. In summer, it could get worse with so much of oil accumulated in your hands and feet too that causes discomfort. The sebum ( skin oil ) is in excess for some so it can create more oil. You do not have to worry. There are some oily skin care tips you can take the help of to get rid of your oily skin. Keeping those tips in mind, you can get rid of any oiliness the is the cause of skin issue to you.

oily skin care tips for women

1) Clean your face twice day

Clean your face twice dayOiliness can affect the beauty of your skin and you may look very unattractive with the oil all over your skin. But you may not worry since washing your face with a face wash twice a day can remove excess oil from your skin and give you a fresh look. You may wonder if it is your skin. The face wash not only removes excess oil from the skin, but also removes dirt accumulated in the skin that may make your skin not look beautiful.

2) Eggs

EggsEggs are available at any time of the day on your kitchen table. You can get access to their whites and not yolks for treating the oily skin. Egg whites may be effective in treating oily skin. They can remove any skin blemishes and tighten up oily skin so that you can attain a blemish-free skin as well as they can dry the skin up removing any excess oil from the outer layer of the skin. For this, apply a whisked egg white on the skin along with lemon mixed and leave it on for 15 minutes. Now rinse with warm water. You can get the desired results. You can make this a regular practice.

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3) Yogurt

YogurtYogurt is another ingredient always available instantly on the kitchen table. You may make an intelligent use of this dairy product for an oily skin. Our yogurt has the property of removing excess dirt and oil and making your skin oil free and blemish free. Apply plain yogurt on the face and leave it on for 15 minutes. It can give you fruitful results .

4) Baking soda

Baking sodaBaking soda is a kind of salt that is used for puffing up foods, but it possesses the quality of making your skin free of oil. For this jut mix baking soda and water to form a thin paste. Applying this all over your face and leaving on your face for ten minutes can get you rid of any excess oil that is present on your skin. It can also make your skin smooth.

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5) Use lukewarm water

Use lukewarm waterCleansing oily skin is not a challenge. You can just use water to cleanse it, but washing it with warm water can have better results. The lukewarm water can cleanse your oily skin more effectively as it can dissolve oil better than cold water. It can help you to wash away all the dirt and impurities that may be due to oil and give you a fresh looking skin by unclogging the pores.

6) Keep away from processed foods, sugars and refined carbs

sugars and refined carbsThe above mentioned foods can be the cause of producing excess oil on the face. These foods can cause inflammation in the skin and cause acne and produce excess oil. Foods that are heavy in oils such as french fries, chips, and also starchy foods may be the cause of oil production. To combat oily skin, you had better avoid these kind of foods at any cost. Instead, eat anti-oxidant rich foods such as fruits, nuts and vegetables that are good for skin health.

7) Make-up and oily skin

Make-up and oily skinMake-up is every woman’s hard-to-miss affair. You can use makeup, but you may have to remember certain things before it. Use the right toner during make-up for oily skin. It can leave you hydrated and make your skin free of oil. Or the product could gt into your skin additional oil due to its creamy and greasy texture. Also one more technique is to reduce the number of layers of the product you wear on your skin. Choose some make-up which cuts out on some of the foundation processes for, you can use some cream which has most of the application within itself. Like some foundation creams contain sunscreen in itself.

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8) Use products that suit your skin

Use products that suit your skinYou must be aware of the fact that using skin care products on your skin without a proper knowledge can put you into getting an oily skin. Ensure reading the pack of the product and the instructions before using a product. The product may be meant for women with dry skin, but you may be using it, hoping for a result as someone suggested to you or you have come across it on a TV commercial. But it can be adverse on your skin. So remember to choose a product that may be for oily skin.

9) Use a hydrating gel mask

Use a hydrating gel maskOne of the most effective ways to treat oily skin is to use gel mask. It can hydrate the skin as well as exfoliate it removing excess oil gathered on your skin. First, you can exfoliate your face with a scrub to remove oil and dirt as it is no use working on the skin that has dead skin cells. Be sure to rinse the scrub thoroughly before applying the gel mask. Now apply a thick coat of gel mask all over the face. Gel masks are perfectly oil-free and cleanse the skin deeply.

The above oily skin care tips can help you remove the excess oil from the skin that may be a cause of skin issue and worry. You may try them regularly for good results. However, eating healthy, staying hydrated, cleansing your face regularly can be of additional help to you.

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