8 Best Machines For Fat Burning Cardio Workout

fat burning cardio workout

Most of us struggle hard to get into shape and also achieve the best body by losing pounds through a cardio. But you may have to be smart at choosing the equipment that can burn fat or not efficiently. Some can also prove to be worst. How you differentiate can depend on your knowledge about the different kinds of equipment. You can gain knowledge as to what to pick when you read on. 10 best machines for fat burning cardio workout have been discussed here.

Fat burning cardio workout machines



Treadmill, which is a basic equipment in most of the gyms is popular for its is quite simple to achieve fitness goals and levels. Treadmills are a great way to burn calories because they stimulate the heart to pump blood, which can be the reason for losing calories. You may end up at high speed where your rate of burning calories increases. It can give you a real experience of exercises, although it is a still machine and super easy to use too. You can also adjust the speed as per the calorie count. It is good that you spend at least 30 minutes of treading on the mill.

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2Stair mill

Stair mill

Walking up a stair mill can appear never-ending and make you burn calories constantly. The workout with this equipment can be a full cardio workout that engages all your legs, back, core and arms. Interval training can be the best accompaniment to this workout. Stair mill can tone up your thigh, butt and calves. This stair mill works on the lower part of the body and sculpts the entire body. Although working on a stair mill can be a little hard, it’s worth the sweat.

3Rowing machine

Rowing machine

Rowing machine requires an effort from upper part to lower part of the body to do repetition after repetitions. But I can swear on the calorie loss it can make. It does not put pressure on your knees and joints as running does. You can lose as many as 377 calories when done for half an hour. Set the level to medium to warm-up and it can be for 5 to 10 minutes.

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44Group cycling bike

4Group cycling bike

Group cycling bike is generally spotted in group exercise studios. You may ride it solo or in a group. Compared to stationary bikes, these bikes have adjustment points such as seat height, position etc. The more you adjust it as per your convenience, you can be more comfortable and burn more calories efficiently. So a group bike can burn more calories since you can sit for a long time comfortably and proceed with the workout.



Airdyne is a cheaper ones available in the market. It can be a simple machine for people to complete their cardio at home. It can give you a steady and longer cardio. It can be good for heart patients too. It works out on both the portions of the body, i.e upper and lower body. It can be quite effective in burning your fat by giving you the maximum resistance.

6Stationary bike

Stationary bike

A stationary bike can be a good advantage for those who have week joints like for people with joint pains or arthritis. It can pump the heart with blood without putting pressure on the joints. So you lose calories as well as keep free from joint pains. Even for those who have been inactive for a while, a workout with the stationary bike can be a good start. Stationary bikes stand alongside treadmills, stair climbers, rowing machines in being efficient for fat burning cardio workout.

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7Woodway curve

Woodway curve

Woodway curve is a machine that has no motor. It has to be powered by you. You have to move in such a way that it moves as you apply movement. The faster you move to speed it up, the faster it moves. This makes your lower body muscle to work up like anything and makes you feel you are actually moving up a hill. So more resistance and more calories burnt. It can extinguish more energy than your treadmill could do. So it can be a very good machine for a fat burning workout.

8Assault air bike

Assault air bike

It deserves its own pale in cardio machines. You may think that it might be easy to do it and you do not make your heart pump but it actually does. It is another bike without a motor. It has a fan on the wheel that gives you resistance. The harder you try to pedal your legs by pumping your arms, the greater the resistance becomes and you burn more calories. It can be a good aerobic workout to burn calories in a short time.

The above have proven to be the best machines for a fat burning cardio workout. You may choose any of the above machines for burning calories intensely and pump your heart exceedingly to burn out excess calories. They are engaging and calorie burning if you can keep busy with them regularly in the gym or at home.

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