8 Best Fruits For Weight Loss

fruits for weight loss

Fruits are a favorite food for people of all ages. It may be oranges, water melon or apples. You have many delicious fruits of your choice available in the market. Some are juicy, some pulpy and some sweet or sour. They are loaded with plenty of nutrients that are essential for the functioning of the body. They are also rich in fiber and natural sugar. Adding a variety of fruits in your diet can help you to grab nutrition from various fruit sources. Certain fruits are high in fiber and certain fruits are high in pectin, both can help in metabolism and thus aid in weight loss. One best thing about fruits is that they are low in calories and the calories they contain are healthy and do not cause weight gain. I will be listing out some fruits that can help in your weight loss program.

Best Fruits For Weight Loss


Water melon

Water melon is the fruit which has much water content when compared to other fruits, it helps you with its water content. It just serves very less calories. They contain arganine, a kind of amino acids that can burn fat. It can keep you satiated for longer, so that you do not binge on food unnecessarily.

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This tangy fruit is everyone’s favorite and a lovable thing. It caries much tanginess to its credit that makes it unique. This fruit is highly nutritious and also low in calories. By eating an orange, you consume less calories. Eat an orange instead of binging on heavy foods rich in unhealthy calories. This fruit will keep you full and help you to gain energy.



Blueberries are another fruit from the fruit garden. They are known to have various health benefits that helps in diabetes and hypertension control. They are highly rich in antioxidants and help in boosting the metabolic rate. A high metabolic rate can always help in the process of weight reduction.

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Peaches are lovely looking for their color. They can also be lovely in eating and gaining benefits. The greatest benefit of peaches is the capacity to keep you fill with high fiber content. They can help you feel less hungry and prevent you from eating more through which you will consume less calories.



Straw berries are another delicacy all by the fruits themselves. They do not need any peeling. You can just bite into them right away. This sweet and sour fruit is gifted on occasions for its sweet and sour combination. It caries weight loss benefits with it. They surprisingly help in the production of fat burning hormones called adiponectin and leptin which are weight loss friendly.



Pears can give you the daily requirement of fiber that you need. They can be one of the best fruits for your digestive system. A pear digests well and eliminates any fats from the digestive tract. It can thus help in the reduction of cholesterol levels. The fiber can keep you full longer and its vitamin C content is good for health. Try grabbing a piece of this fruit whenever you can.



Guava is favorite of many, for its delicious and unique taste. Guava is packed with all the necessary health benefits you need. High fiber in guava can help to reduce weight owing to its fiber content. It can help to keep proper bowel movements and aid in weight loss.



A saying always goes as ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. If you are on a weight loss diet, you need to eat an apple every day. An apple contains low calorie and has no fat or sodium. You can lose 30% more weight by eating an apple compared to eating other fruits. They are also beneficial to your immune system, not to cause to suffer from common illnesses. Why not eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away?

Steal a piece of any of these nutritious plus weight loss friendly fruits that can aid in your weight loss mostly by keeping you full all the time. Snack on them in between meals so that you eat less for your meals. The cravings for foods can stop after some time. You can top them on salads or mix with yogurt or a cereal for breakfast. Serving as a dessert meal can also help you. In most of the fruits, fiber slows down the absorption of sugar into blood. Whether you want to slim down or lose weight here is the magic!

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