7 Ways To Fight Migraine Headache

Fight Headache

Migraines as well as persistent headaches has become one of the severe health problems across the globe. Various studies says that large number of people are suffering from headaches all around the world. Apart from being highly dangerous, migraines and severe headaches also high in treatment cost. In United States, 9 percent of the total population is suffering with migraine the total medial expense has reached to $1 billion per year.

However, there are lot of medicines as well as medical treatments available to treat headaches. Although they are there, many a times they just doesn’t prove effective. To control this, there are other ways to fight Migraine headache, which you can consider to keep your severe headache away.

We have brought you a list of some important ways to treat your headaches.

Important ways to fight headache


In this process, electronic censors are used to examine body functions such as skin temperature, muscle tension, heart rate as well as blood pressure. The examined data is received on the connected computer through sound or images. According to various studies, biofeedback has been found highly effective in controlling migraine and persistent headache. It has also been found more effective than prescription drugs.


To bring an alignment in the energy flow, in the process of acupuncture, the needles get inserted into your skin. Acupuncture has been found as more effective in frequent chronic headaches than any other headache therapy. It also does not shows any adverse effects unlike the medical drugs.

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Head massage has been found temporarily effective on getting relief from the severe headaches. For better benefits, experts says that getting a neck, back as well as shoulder massage might help you well. In a study, it has been found that people who received six weekly massage sessions are observed to have got less frequent migraines as well as better sleep.


Stretching helps in relieving muscle tension, according to the experts. While adding them in the workout might be a great idea, you can also use them if your severe headaches. Experts says the you should try stretching for the period of 20 minutes twice a day. Remember to hold and relax your stretch for five seconds and then continue to repeat the stretch for 4-5 times.


Doing regular aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, swimming as well as biking helps in reducing the intensity of migraine according to the experts. A study has also showed that people who were not exercising regularly, noticed change in their quality of life as well as reduces migraine pains after engaging in 12-week program of indoor cycling.


Experts said that various meditation techniques have been found helpful in reducing distractions as well as chronic pain. Ancient Indian meditations techniques such as Vipassana, has also been found highly effective in calming your mind and reducing the severity of migraine, according to the studies. Experts says that doing meditation regularly also helps in curing various other heath problems and calming your mind.


Various yoga postures as well as breathing exercises helps in relaxing the body as well as spirit. Yoga has also been found highly effective in curing severe headaches, according to various studies. In a study, migraine sufferers were examined for two weeks after giving them a yoga program to follow. It was found that the people showed very less frequent as well as less painful attacks. They also showed less anxiety issues than the other common people suffering with migraine.

These are the most common treatments which you can try to solve migraine. However, routine medical checkups as well as treatment should not be avoided for better migraine as well as severe headache prevention.

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By Prajakt K.