Meditation tips for beginner

Meditation tips

Meditation is a type of mental fitness exercise. It is not easy to be master in meditation practice. It gives you a peace mind and healthy body. We need a patience for meditation. For beginners, it is a little bit difficult to start with meditation. There are certain meditation tips for beginners, that may help to learn meditation.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

1Establish a regular practice.

regular practice

First of all you should have a daily routine for the meditation. It will give you pleasure mentally and emotionally.Meditation wants determination. As the time grows, meditation grows stronger. At least give 15 daily to meet yourself. By this you will come to know about yourself.

2Begin your day with a brief morning meditation.

It is better to start meditation in the early morning. During  the day a state of peace and silence makes the entire day good. You will realize it simple to go deep into thoughtlessness and feel the vibrations if you get up early in the morning and meditate for five to ten minutes. It will give you the real happiness of life. Permit yourself to be open to receive and give energy.


Set up the standard of forgiveness among yourself. Once you will say this to yourself that I forgive,  you make the Kundalini possible  to take the thoughts away from you. Keep in mind that Forgiveness is the entry to thoughtless awareness.

4Meditation is concerned about the things, letting go.

Meditation is not concerned about concentrating, focusing,  or making an attempt to prevent your thoughts. It is concerned about the lets the things to be going on  and giving way to the inner silence.

5Speak with your Kundalini to get into a meditative mood...

It is not compulsory that you have to do meditation in the early morning or evening time. For the beginning period you will easily get a habit of doing meditation. After that you can do it any time whenever you feel comfortable.

6Stop thinking.

Thoughts are like airplanes landing and then taking off. Put your pure attention on the pinnacle of your head  that is the lymbic area of the head and then observe yourself in complete silence. Let the time stand still for the moment and help the time between the thoughts that are landing and taking off expand, so that you are no more thinking, but rather, thoughtlessly conscious.

7Meditate with others.

You grow fastest when you meditate collectively or in a group, just like when you collect many lit candles, there is more light. Communal meditation and seminars with Sahaja Yoga Meditation practitioners result in a much stronger flow of vibrations. As it flows more, you may also be able to understand more of the pure divine energy. In the group of other practitioners, your Kundalini may able to work much more efficiently.

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-Shaveta Kandhari