7 Jump Rope Workout To Get Fit

jump rope workout

Skipping rope is one of the cheapest but highly effective exercise. It is a great tool for the people who want to start working in their body. It can also be a great change for those who had tried investing in gymming but, not have got the desired results. According to the experts 10 minutes on skipping ropes is equal to the 45 minutes of running.

While skipping is indeed a great way to get an intensive workout, basic skipping rope exercise may result into a boring activity after a few days. Hence, few variations are needed in it. To get the most of it, we have brought you a list of such awesome variations in the skipping rope exercises, which you can try to get a highly powerful workout session. Here’s the list of variations in a jump rope workout.

Skipping Rope Exercises To Get A Proper Workout

1Backward Skipping

(SRC: Crossrope Jump Ropes)

Although basic skipping rope exercise do a lot of good, backward skipping rope makes it challenging and results in providing your body a great workout. To do this exercise, move the rope from your head towards your toe, opposite to what you do with basic skipping rope exercise. As this produces greater challenge in the workout, the workout session gets healthier.

2Scissors Skipping

To do this skipping rope exercise, jump and take both your legs wide apart by taking one in the front and the other in the back in one revolution. Change the position of the your legs alternatively on the next revolution. Repeat it to get larger benefits. This exercise helps in making the exercise more challenging.

3Cross-step Skipping

(SRC: Tim Haft)

In this step just cross your feet with every revolution and an uncross it alternatively. This simple jump rope workout not only works on your muscle development, but also helps in increasing your focus. To make it more challenging, change the foot, which you keep in the front while crossing the feet in the alternate revolutions.

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4One Foot Hop

(SRC: Diane Ruggiero)

To perform this exercise, just keep the one leg in the air and do the basic jump rope workout or exercise with another leg only. If you feel more difficulties, change the leg and continue to do it with every leg alternatively. This exercise helps in strengthening your legs. However, ensure that you are not putting excess pressure on a single leg.

5Side Straddle Skipping

(SRC: Tim Haft)

This exercise is considered as little challenging. It not only is the different exercise of skipping rope altogether, but it also needs great concentration as well as timing. To do this exercise, just split your legs apart as soon as the rope passes and prepare yourself for the next revolution. In the next revolution bring your legs back through jumping.

6Two at a time

Two at a time

This is again one of the challenging exercises. It offers a great workout for your legs. To perform this, just kick a leg after every two revolutions. This also helps in improving your concentration. For more benefits, switch every your kicking leg.

7Sideways Jump Skipping

(SRC: habiv4)

This fun is more funny exercise and simultaneously keeps you healthy. It also needs great focus. To do this, just jump sideways with every revolution. Additionally, take some steps on each side. Listening to some groovy music may help you in doing this exercise.

8Bonus tip

Apart from applying this variations, don’t stop performing the basic skipping rope exercise. It can also be helpful if you are facing problems in the applying these variations. The best way to counter this to switch back to the basic skipping rope exercise, which, according to many fitness experts, considered as the perfect workout to get fit and healthy.

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By Prajakt K.