6 Skin Care Habits For a Vibrant Skin for women

skin care habits for a vibrant skin

Skin is considered as the most sensitive part of our body. Our appearance becomes volatile with the skin tone. External factors too have a great impact on skin. It may be sun tanning, pollution or inappropriate skin care. Whatever may be the cause, skin may be affected. Protecting our skin from damage is also a way to maintain the beauty. Give due importance to the skin to make it healthy and young. If not, it may lose its charm and may get a wrinkled skin as you age. Here are a few skin care habits for a vibrant skin, even in your late forties. Laying foundation to the betterment of the skin is important to achieve the results and keep them as you age.

Skin Care Habits For a Vibrant Skin


Washing your skin

Washing with hot water may be common when you are feeling cold. But remember that hot water can be harsh on your skin and may dry or irritate the skin. Wash using more water so that it makes the skin smoother and removes the dirt from within.



Pat drying after the wash is always the best way to dry your skin. Rubbing will be harsh and can irritate the skin. This is a very good skin care habit you should keep in mind. Using a thin cotton towel can be a good way for drying your skin.

3Use a cleanser

Use a cleanser

Using a cleanser can help to remove impurities and dirt from the pores of the skin. Even if you want to remove left out make up, it is a good method. Before washing with the cleanser, just wash your face with lukewarm water so that it can work better. When you go ahead with the process of cleansing, massage gently so that it is not harsh. Choosing a cleanser that is not abrasive can be of great help.



Some are lucky to have a skin that needs no exfoliation but there are also many who have dead skin cells that need to be removed through exfoliation. Noticing the texture of your skin can help you to recognize whether you need exfoliation. If your skin is tanned or is dull then it means you have dead skin cells that need to be removed. Consult a good dermatologist for the right treatment or any solution. Some products in the market are good for exfoliation but before trying, better check on the pack if it is suitable to your skin or not.

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Moisturizing the skin is utmost important or it could become dry or form dead skin cells. It can also protect you from the harsh weather that can pull away moisture from your skin. Using moisturizer can be the best way to keep your skin healthy. You can use it twice a day for good results. It can nourish the skin as well and keep it fresh and glowing. When you age, it can be a preventive step to age gracely.

6Sun protection

Sun protection

Sun, as you know, emits UV rays and affects the skin adversely. Although you cannot stop the exposure of the skin to the harshness of the sun, you can protect it by screening it from the sun. A sunscreen with at least SPF 30 can protect you from the sun’s rays and prevent it from tanning and damage. Wearing a scarf can be another way to protect the skin from exposure to the sun.

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7Nutrition for skin

nutrition for skin

Skin needs vitamins, minerals and also a good amount of protein to maintain itself. Eating fruits can nourish the skin from its deep layer and makes it a healthy one. Vegetables can also keep you away from aging soon just like fruits. Eating healthy foods like beans, nuts, soy and dairy can help your skin to be vibrant at any age.

Processed and sugary foods can be mouth watering but it is better to stay away from them since they will be full of calories and no nutrition. The first thing skin needs is nutrition. Instead of relying on sugary or processed foods for satisfying your palate, stick to eating healthy for a vibrant skin. You can flaunt your skin even when you age. The trick works just from now and not later when you want to get back the youth of your skin. So, start working on it right away.

The skin care habits for a vibrant skin can be of great help to you although you must be knowing most of them. It is just to remind you about the well being of your skin once again so that you do not have to repent later. It’s now time to follow these simple steps to help your skin to be vibrant at any age!

Pradeepa Polineni