6 Signs That Points You Have Silent Heart Attack Symptoms

silent heart attack symptoms

The medical records of America claim that almost 1 million citizens of America face heart attack every year. A few of the common symptoms of a silent heart attack points to chest pain, cold sweat, and extreme tiredness. But still, a lot of the American population is not aware of these silent heart attack symptoms. With all these major signs, there a few couple of subtle symptoms that whenever experienced one should visit a doctor. A silent heart attack is something which does not show the major signs of an actual heart attack. As the name suggests it is a warning of subtle symptoms which points that your body is under the threat of several heart problems. A number of people misunderstand the sign of silent heart attack as the symptoms of indigestion, flu, or muscle pain. But, keep in mind, if you are able to notice these misunderstood signs on time, then you have a better chance to win over your medical issues related to your heart functioning.

Silent Heart Attack Symptoms

Here are 7 subtle silent heart attack symptoms that point towards of you being affected with some kind of heart problem.



Fatigue is a very common heart attack symptom. This symptom is more common in women than in men. Dr. Stacey E. Rosen who is a known cardiologist claimed that “In my 25 years of practice, people on the verge of a heart attack report feeling tired and not able to do their usual activities”. The explanation behind this symptom suggests that heart attack minimizes the regular blood flow in your body which in turn pressurize your body muscles to a great extent. This whole process makes you feel exhausted and you experience fatigue in your body. It would be great if you could go through electrocardiogram (EKG) to evaluate the activities of your heart. Even, doctors don’t suggest to go through this treatment whenever a patient experience fatigue. But, it is advisable that you request your doctor to let you go through this treatment to be on the safer side.

2Soreness In Several Body Parts

Soreness In Several Body Parts

The regular soreness in arms, back, and chest again points towards the symptoms of silent heart attack. The explanation behind the soreness of several body parts resides in the shortage of oxygen in heart muscle cells. This situation arises when the arteries of your body face blockage of oxygenated blood flow in the muscles. In return, muscles start sending signals to the nervous system which suggest that they are facing pain. And, because of the nerve proximity, your brain start accepting those signals as the pain signals sent by the muscles of arm, chest, and back. People usually ignore such kind of muscle soreness as these are not followed or accompanied by the heavy chest pain. People misunderstands it as a regular muscle soreness. It would be better if you could visit a doctor in such a situation.

3Short Breaths

Short Breaths

A sudden change in your breathing speed is another sign of silent heart attack. A couple of stairs has started bothering you suddenly, especially because of shortness of breath then this is a serious issue. A sudden breathlessness issue can also be followed just after you wake up in the morning. We all are aware of how one’s heart play an important role in breathing system. The heart is the one which pumps oxygen throughout one’s body. It also helps in pumping out carbon dioxide for our body tissues. But, when your heart starts facing some kind of issue in its functioning, then it faces the problem of shortage of breaths. The doctor can help you to understand this situation effectively.



Heartburn is usually misunderstood with gastric or acidity issues. But, obviously, an occasional heartburn is not an issue you should be concerned of, especially when you have a heavy meal a few hours ago. But, there are a few times when you face a heartburn out of ordinary ones. The explanation behind a heartburn during a heart attack lies in the improper blood flow in your heart. It would be better if you won’t avoid a heartburn which is more like a chest pain. It could be a prominent sign of silent heart attack.

5Upset Stomach

Upset Stomach

This one is also one of the misunderstood symptoms of heart-related issues. If you are facing such an issue after you genuinely consumed something junk then it is fine. But, if you are facing stomach problems such as vomiting, nausea, stomach crunch after a regular meal then you should be concerned about this.

6Throat and Jaw Uneasiness

Throat and Jaw Uneasiness

If you are facing a weird discomfort in your throat, neck, and jaw which can’t be explained appropriately, then it could be a positive sign that points to a silent heart attack symptom. You should immediately visit a doctor in such a situation. It is advisable to diabetic patients to take a good note on their throat, neck, and jaw discomfort. Diabetic patients are less likely to face the issue of severe chest pains. So, such a sign would be sufficient for them to pay a visit to a doctor.

That is what sums up our list of silent heart attack symptoms. Take a good care of your health and keep a sharp eye on the subtle signs that point to any kind of heart-related issues.

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Tiru Dehariya